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A design by Lina Lundberg, Spreeglanz Berlin.

As a girl that once lived in Berlin, I tend to pay attention to happenings in the German capital. Last fall, I was introduced to Spreeglanz Berlin, a design consortium of sorts in Berlin for artists, designers and creative thinkers. The concept of Spreeglanz is on open, collective one (see studio space below) where those who are accepted into the “house” can apply their talents to creating a collection or building a brand, etc.

“Our wish is to take people with fresh ideas by the hand, or rather allow them a long leash, and watch them grow in a fruitful environment,” says Heidi Fleiß, co-founder of Spreeglanz Berlin.

Spreeglanz Berlin is based in a cool space, which undoubetldy stirs up the creativity, I’m sure. I spoke with current participants of Spreeglanz to learn about their aspirations and what brought them to Berlin

Lina Lundberg, Stockholm:

What attracted you to Spreeglanz Berlin?

“I come from Stockholm, a pretty small city. We have a strong design tradition, but because it’s such a small place, there’s not so much room for more than one style or trend at the same time.  So it becomes quite uniform. When I got to know about Spreeglanz through a designers newsletter I saw it as great opportunity to go to Berlin and get some new perspectives.  Spreeglanz promotes experimenting and jewelry making, and gives the designers a great freedom to find their own ways and styles in their work. Spreeglanz believes that variety makes the label strong. That really attracted me to apply.”

Do you think Berlin is a true fashion capital?

“Berlin might not yet be a centre for fashion like Tokyo, Paris or London, but its unique alternative atmosphere enables artists to express themselves the way they want – not only in jewelry, but in every aspect of life, work and arts. But I believe that, with aspiring labels like at Spreeglanz, Berlin will not be second to others for much longer.”

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