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With the new year, came a new vow to stay on top of the required health/wellbeing supplements. No more running out of my daily multivitamin and waiting two-three weeks to stock up again. No, dear reader, 2014 is the year I get my omegas, calcium and anti-oxidnts on a schedule and stick to it. Traveling a lot on business doesn’t help one stick to a set routine, but the good folks at Viridian Nutrition have just what a girl needs to stay sharp, healthy and beautiful, inside and out while on the go.



Viridian is based in England and bills itself as and ethical and organic wellness company. And it most certainly is. No additives, no synthetics and no GMO are added to any of their products, which range from natural and essential oils to supplements and more. They’ve got what a busy girl needs to keep going, and in just the right amounts. Amy Benbow, Technical Services Manager for Viridian Nutrition breaks it down as such:

“At Viridian Nutrition we believe that certified organic products which avoid the use of potentially harmful substances such as pesticides and herbicides, and are free from GMO offers the best health opportunity for both people and the planet. Soil Association organic certification of raw materials ensures that the ingredients we use are eco-friendly and free from harmful chemicals. It of course equally important that we source that best quality raw materials when formulating new products”.

While recently in London I picked up Viridian’s Ultimate Beauty Oil and am hooked. The little bottle traveled with me back to NYC and it’s now a part of my daily dose. Why? It’s 100 percent organic, is packed with the essential 3-6-9 fatty acids and its beyond easy to add to food. So yes, I am that girl drizzling beauty oil on her oatmeal every morning.

Amy also weighed in on what us busy ladies need to keep going, citing a recommended course of good ol’ vitamin B.

“B vitamins are important for people who have busy and active lifestyles as they are involved in converting food into energy. Viridian’s high five multi vitamin and mineral formula is high in the B vitamins, especially B5 to help support energy metabolism for busy individuals”.

With winter still howling down on us, skin is suffering just as much as our moods. The brand’s Raw Virgin Coconut Oil has been my travel companion on both sides of the Atlantic. It is beyond multi-purpose. The list of uses goes on and it’s an excellent source of an organic, time and money saving product. Makeup remover, body moisturizer, hair replenisher, face brightener, hand balm all in one. And feel free to cook with it, too. It’s sourced from the shell of the coconut so a healthy addition to foods, too.


Viridian Nutrition products can be found around London and ships worldwide. Add them to your daily dose.


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