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OSKIA Skincare founder Georgie Cleeve

Say hello to Georgie Cleeve, founder of British skincare line OSKIA. While in London, I had the opportunity to meet her and learn more of the wildly popular line she launched across the U.K. last year. Disclosure: Georgie has been added to my personal group of the most genuine professionals I have met throughout my reporting. Years of research, an enthuiasm and passion for her work, as well as an innovtive spirit is what you’ll come to appreciate after spending time with her.

We met in Covent Garden one afternoon at the newly-opened OSKIA Spa, which is housed in a pretty building on a quiet road, away from the crowds and bustle of Covent Garden. With a resident esthetician and nail bar, the OSKIA Spa is sharing a space with Good Vibes London, a team of health enthusiasts that offer Pilates and the revolutionary Glow Yoga (more on this coming soon!).

OSKIA’s popular Renaissance Mask is apparently all the rage among Britain’s beauty editors this year. It promises to brighten and feed the skin with fruit acids, lactic acid pre-biotics and more.

I toured the OSKIA Spa, chatted away with Georgie and was offered a sneak-peek at what’s next for the line. Stay tuned, readers!

Oskia products have a very clean look and feel to it. Tell me a bit about how it all came to be?

Georgie Cleeve: The OSKIA look – clean, understated, traditional with a modern twist – reflects both the medicinal heritage of the brand and my desire to design a beautiful but serious, non-gimmicky range that uses the best and most advanced natural ingredients. When I was younger I suffered severe knee damage and after three failed operations, was put on a course of MSM supplements, a type of sulphur, to repair my cartilage. The effects were unbelievable and my cartilage strengthened far more than I thought possible. But what I hadn’t expected was the amazing benefits the MSM also had on my eczema. The symptoms of the eczema disappeared and my skin condition improved  dramatically, as did my hair and nails. MSM is the most bio-available form of the mineral sulphur. It boosts collagen production, reduces inflammation, helps detoxify the skin and is also a key component in large number of other biological processes. The seed of an idea for an MSM-inspired skincare range which would feed the skin with nutrients was planted, and eventually OSKIA (meaning ‘delivering beauty’ in ancient Greek), was born after four years of development.

How important do you think it is for one to be educated on the products they are using on the skin as well as consuming?

GC: I’m constantly amazed and delighted at how sophisticated our clients are. They know so much about ingredients, and we do everything we can to help educate people through our website and newsletters on the different types of skincare available and the sorts of ingredients that not only we, but other brands, use. That knowledge allows clients to make informed decisions about what will best suit their skin, and also what will reflect their personal values such as a desire to use natural ingredients which will work with the body but also deliver fantastic results.

What exactly makes Oskia so unique?

GC: OSKIA is the only brand which is designed to boost skin cell health as a first step in a beauty regime. Our products are nutritionally designed to feed the skin with a comprehensive diet of essential nutrients to increase cell health and efficiency, as well as using the most advanced bio-actives to target specific ageing, lifestyle and environmental skin concerns. So we take a two-pronged approach to maximise the benefits of using skin care products.

Is there one product you haven’t developed, but hope to?

GC: The Elixir of life?! But that’s a bit much to ask of either me or our formulator! We have a number of very exciting products launching next year which will have incredible anti-ageing benefits for the most sensitive of skins. Designing products which provide visible results, but which suit sensitive skin is technically very challenging, but we’re delighted with the progress we’ve made.

Describe the Oskia enthusiast.

GC: The common thread seems to be that OSKIA enthusiasts are hugely knowledgeable about skincare. They tend to fall for OSKIA because of an understanding of the quality and quantity of ingredients that we use, or through personal recommendations from specialists or trusted sources, rather than simply because we’ve featured in Vogue or Elle. Because our formulas are packed with both preventative and corrective ingredients, there’s a fairly broad range of ages that are drawn to the products. For some, price is never going to be an issue, and for others it’s a more significant investment, but what we are particularly proud of is how regularly a first-time OSKIA customer becomes a long-term OSKIA enthusiast.

OSKIA Skincare Bedtime Beauty Boost 

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