violet lake, a bikini mixer

Fashion editor Ursula Lake has launched Violet Lake, a chic, interchangeable line of luxuriously made swimwear. Born somewhat out of frustration and inspiration. Frustration at not being able to mix and match her tops and bottoms, as well as her inspiration from her travels around the world and experiencing the colors and life of various cultures.

Violet Lake Summer 2011 Caruso Swimsuit

From London, Ursula gave me the the scoop behind her line, which is fondly named after her grandmother, Violet, and a glimpse of what’s to come. Now retailing on Net-a-Porter, her collection has gone global, with tops and bottoms mixed and matched for the perfect suit.

Violet Lake Summer 2011 Vesper swimsuit.

“The name Violet comes from my grandmother as it was her name, and Lake is my surname. I liked it as I love color names and also a “lake” is a body of water that you could swim in, so it all seemed to make sense.

I was on holiday in India when I came up with the idea for Violet Lake; I think all the colors there inspired me! I also based the collection colors originally on the idea that they came from Matisse’s palette, as he is a favorite artist of mine. The idea was really born out of my own frustration at not being able to find good, flexible bikini options that were good quality and had a good choice of colors and sizes.

The line is going to grow and increase as time goes on. We launched last year with 4 styles of tops and 4 styles of bottoms in 8 colors. This year we added three swimsuits and two new colors. For next season, I am planning some new styles of bikinis and probably at least one swimsuit. We do hope to always have our classic styles and colors, as our customers love the idea that if they find a swimwear shape that works for them, they can come back a year later and buy the same style in a different color.

The different styles are all based on ‘Bond’ Girl character names. I decided to do this, as a lot of the girls in the films had fantastic names and were often seen lounging about in a bikini, so it seemed appropriate. It also adds a touch of glamour to it, too!”

Violet Lake Ryder Bikini from the Summer 2011 collection.


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