Refresh your (skin) memory


Refresh your (skin) memory 5 (100%) 14 votes We continue to work through all the 2016 beauty and skincare debuts and launches. This week, we had the joy of testing out the latest from one of our reliable faves–TATCHA Beauty. The new Overnight Memory Serum Concentrate comes in gorgeous packaging and this product impressed us with […]

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Step inside Le Spa


Step inside Le Spa 5 (100%) 6 votes French skincare brand Phytomer announced the opening of a new flagship spa this summer…and where else? France, of course! Phytomer Spa & Wellness, dubbed a new “sustainable” spa, has opened in Saint-Malo, France, the original birthplace of the brand. Phytomer is known worldwide for its effective skincare […]

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wrap yourself in satin oud

MFK-OUD satin mood bottle & pack HD

wrap yourself in satin oud 5 (100%) 5 votes French perfumer Francis Kurkdjian never disappoints. Pick a mood, an emotion or a style and he has or will design the most perfect scent to match. As spring approached, we discovered his most recent (and delicious) fragrance: OUD Satin Mood, the latest in his fabric-inspired OUD range.Now, […]

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this summer, hit reset

bouleys kitchen

this summer, hit reset 5 (100%) 17 votes We are halfway through the year and how many of us can say we’ve stuck to our health/diet plans so far? Eating right is not the “easiest” thing to do, to maintain and it is also easy to slip up every so often, too. Pooja Mottl, foodie […]

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spring renewal: Tatcha’s Kyoto Red

kyoto red lipstick

spring renewal: Tatcha’s Kyoto Red 5 (100%) 7 votes It’s spring. And it’s still a bit chilly but the coats are coming off and the open-toed shoes are coming out. Also, I’ve been cleaning out the beauty kit and makeup bag…in an attempt to lighten up and refresh for the season. So I’m super excited […]

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sustain it


sustain it 5 (100%) 6 votes   So, you have probably heard or read about Meika Hollender, co-Founder of the latest and greatest condom/ brand that is enabling folks do get down to business in a “safer” way. Meika and her dad founded Sustain Condoms last year and their message is clear: The two want […]

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