joya studio x harrods

JOYA Studio for Harrod's of London limited edition candle, up close.

Love this? It’s officially fall. Cooler temps, heavier sweaters and earlier sunsets. Fall is my favorite season for a reason, partly because of the layering, warm and inviting colors and sometimes, scents. During the fall season, I don’t spritz or mist on a fragrance, I wear it. Same goes for scenting a room…with cooler temps, […]

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slim while you sleep


slim while you sleep 3.2 (64%) 5 votes Phytomer, the family-owned French skin and body care brand, debuted the latest in their highly effective contouring range this summer. “Glycolight” is what it is called, and after roughly 25-30 days, you will be a believer in the marine skincare brand’s latest and greatest. Here’s how it […]

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tatcha’s game changing oil


TATCHA Beauty is stepping up the skincare game with camellia and its powerful HADASE-3 Complex.

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rubber incense by frederic malle

The latest additions to perfumer Frederic Malle's home fragrances.

Perfumer Frederic Malle will give your space some good “scents”.

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face forward


Face Forward, the de-facto “bible” for beauty and makeup enthusiasts worldwide.

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voya stays sustainable


Ireland’s VOYA Beauty maintains a sustainable and eco-friendly brand ethos.

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