Brighten up with Colbert MD


Brighten up with Colbert MD 5 (100%) 19 votes We’re kicking off 2016 with a bevy of new beauty! One of our favorite NYC-based dermatologists, Dr. David Colbert, continues to build on his signature skincare line with the release of an anti-aging and brightening mask. As any busy professional will tell you (and readers of […]

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wrap yourself in satin oud

MFK-OUD satin mood bottle & pack HD

wrap yourself in satin oud 5 (100%) 5 votes French perfumer Francis Kurkdjian never disappoints. Pick a mood, an emotion or a style and he has or will design the most perfect scent to match. As spring approached, we discovered his most recent (and delicious) fragrance: OUD Satin Mood, the latest in his fabric-inspired OUD range.Now, […]

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this summer, hit reset

bouleys kitchen

this summer, hit reset 5 (100%) 17 votes We are halfway through the year and how many of us can say we’ve stuck to our health/diet plans so far? Eating right is not the “easiest” thing to do, to maintain and it is also easy to slip up every so often, too. Pooja Mottl, foodie […]

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spring renewal w/dr. teal’s

Dr Teals Epsom Salts

spring renewal w/dr. teal’s 5 (100%) 5 votes Who doesn’t love a nice, warm bath? No question soaking in the tub after a long day or week is a nice escape, especially for city girls that can’t seem to find any real “quiet” time for themselves. If there is one item in our bathroom’s that […]

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get set for spring w/dr. colbert


get set for spring w/dr. colbert 5 (100%) 8 votes March 21st just happens to be the “official” first day of spring. And what better way to help your skin make the transition from a rough NYC winter than to meet and greet esteemed dermatologist Dr. David Colbert? Dr. Colbert is making his first personal […]

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the drawing room, new york city


the drawing room, new york city 5 (100%) 13 votes New Yorkers like to shop. Love would be a more appropriate term depending on the individual in question. But nevertheless, shopping is part of the lifestyle in this great city–so much to discover, re-engage with and learn about. Manhattan mum’s Candice Postel and Emilia Fanjul […]

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