Last Night In New York

Universal Shades by Kosås Cosmetics


Universal Shades by Kosås Cosmetics 4.89 (97.78%) 9 votes I am a big believer in skincare first, makeup second. A healthy, clean complexion tops a face covered in anything, as far as I am concerned. Skin so fresh and clean not only looks healthy, but will make you feel as though you need no more […]

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klorane’s new natural tint


klorane’s new natural tint 5 (100%) 3 votes It’s been 43 years since the first “dry” shampoo hit the beauty shelves. That’s right, over four decades since French haircare brand Klorane brought the concept of freshening up hair without water to the masses. And oh, how far we’ve come. Who hasn’t used dry shampoo? Who hasn’t […]

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remove it


remove it 5 (100%) 1 vote No doubt you has just a little extra makeup on last night. Or, perhaps you were in full-on Halloween garb and had a lot of makeup on. Nevertheless, it has to come off. All of it. No matter how tired, tipsy or delirious you may have been from the […]

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reviving red


Love this? Last night in New York City, Ruth Roche, celebrity colorist  (Claire Danes, Mariah Carey, Sheryl Crow) and Pureology Artistic Ambassador hosted an intimate event to introduce the new “Reviving Red” color care system from Pureology. Ruth brought her signature style, expertise and color-care tips to the event while detailing the system and science […]

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the scent of departure

Scent of Departure, Tokyo.

Love this? Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to meet French perfumer and entrepreneur Gérald Ghislain. I learned about his interesting rise in the fragrance world (he is the man behind the famed Histoires de Parfums brand), and got the scoop on The Scent of Departure, a collection of (travel-friendly) scents he and his creative cohort […]

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eau provocateur

Eau Provocateur by Agent Provocateur

Love this? Earlier this year, myself and a number of editors along with our industry “friends” spent an evening at the boudoir-style home of Agent Provocateur on New York City’s Madison Avenue. Before even stepping inside, one could easily smell what the night had in store–sexy scents, sweet macaroons and some fun folks talking everything […]

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