get set for spring w/dr. colbert


get set for spring w/dr. colbert 5 (100%) 8 votes March 21st just happens to be the “official” first day of spring. And what better way to help your skin make the transition from a rough NYC winter than to meet and greet esteemed dermatologist Dr. David Colbert? Dr. Colbert is making his first personal […]

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sustain it


sustain it 5 (100%) 6 votes   So, you have probably heard or read about Meika Hollender, co-Founder of the latest and greatest condom/ brand that is enabling folks do get down to business in a “safer” way. Meika and her dad founded Sustain Condoms last year and their message is clear: The two want […]

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À la Rose


À la Rose 5 (100%) 8 votes Light, seductive and perfect. The latest from French perfumer Francis Kurkdjian is a beautiful, well- thought out fragrance that will suit just about anyone seeking to experience (and indulge) in some alluring and pretty in regards to a new fragrance. Centifolia rose, violet and magnolia blossom are all […]

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the drawing room, new york city


the drawing room, new york city 5 (100%) 13 votes New Yorkers like to shop. Love would be a more appropriate term depending on the individual in question. But nevertheless, shopping is part of the lifestyle in this great city–so much to discover, re-engage with and learn about. Manhattan mum’s Candice Postel and Emilia Fanjul […]

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start remodeling with phytomer


start remodeling with phytomer 4.78 (95.56%) 9 votes It’s no secret that team ATD is a fan of Phytomer, the French skincare brand that remains family-owned and also consistent in its product offering. From facial care to body care and even daily supplements, Phytomer’s various ranges are trusted by women worldwide. Shortly after the start […]

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a new (health) protocol


a new (health) protocol 5 (100%) 11 votes We’ve been reading a lot so far this year. So many great and informative books landed on our desks before the holidays that’s we’ve been busy reading, researching and taking action on certain aspects of our lives. My team and I have studied The New Health Rules, […]

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