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NYC x CitiBike

NYC-based power publicist Celine Kaplan has found a new love…and its got two wheels. Like thousands of busy New Yorker’s, she has fallen for CitiBike, and in a big way. Aside from doing her bit for the environment and saving a good amount of cab fare, she is getting to work earlier, spending less time in the gym and still getting her daily cardio on. In the only way she knows how to–in style.


How she rolls. Publicist Celine Kaplan on a chill fall day in New York City.

Staying stylish, the former Chanel executive keeps her commute chic with a (shiny) custom helmet courtesy of London’s Cycle Chic, and heels. With CitiBike now offering the fastest and most efficient way to get to work in NYC these days, Celine’s fire-red mane, shiny gold helmet and at least 3 to 5-inch heels (depending on the outfit) can be seeing crossing midtown most mornings on what she jokingly refers to as “her chauffer”.


Arrival at work. Her “garage” is a short walk from her midtown offices.

So, why the heels?! I saw her whizz by one morning and had to ask. Thing is, Celine isn’t all that tall. So once in the saddle, it actually becomes difficult for her to reach the ground, believe it or not. Her Chanel booties offer her the perfect pitch height should she need to suddenly stop or slow down to regain balance. Luckily, her 28th St office is less than a five-minute walk away from the nearest CitiBike station.


The higher the heel, the better.

Out of the ordinary, yes. But she pulls it all off quite well (helmet, cashmere snood, heels and all) in the safest and most stylish way that only she can.


Cardio, done. CitiBike key fob has replaced the gym locker key.

Business as usual in the offices of Celine Kaplan PR, New York City.


Celine Kaplan, November 2013, New York City.



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