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Who hasn’t suffered from “hat head” this past winter? You know the look…flattened, limp hair that’s been hidden under a wool hat and anything else to protect one from the elements. As we (slowly) head into spring, it’s time to let your locks breath properly again. Who better than Alli Webb, founder of drybar, to explain  how to get hair back on track and manage what you know you will be doing at least once a week when the weather finally becomes more tolerable–getting a blow out. Buttercup, drybar’s own one-of-a kind hair dryer is what you need to get your favorite spring style just right.


Make sure you always start with super clean hair. Use a shampoo that will remove dirt, residues and oils from your hair. Oily hair does not blowout well and won’t last. Also, always know the style you are trying to achieve before you start your blowout so you have a plan of where you are going and what type of look you are trying to achieve.


Not all blow dryers are created equally. Buttercup has a unique combination of technology that adds amazing shine and bounce every time you blow your hair and it is super light weight. Our 2000 stylists from coast to coast needed a dryer that was super light and powerful and that would get the job done fast. Nothing like that existed until we developed Buttercup, which I am extremely proud of!


Always, always start your blowout in the front. Bangs, fringe and front hairline (these are what people will notice first on you!) should look perfect before you move on to the rest of your hair. And be sure to work in very clean, small sections. Sectioning is a step most people skip, but it really is THE key to getting a great blowout. You must perfect every section before you move on to the next . And, keep your sections small, no more than 1-2 inches wide. Each section should be 100% dry; if your hair is even slightly damp, it will frizz and won’t hold your style.

Choose styling products wisely! Make sure you use the best product for your hair type . The wrong product can really affect a great blowout. For example, if you have very fine or straight hair, go for a mousse (like our Texas Tea Volumizing Spray or Southern Belle Volumizing Mousse) that will give you lots of body and hold. For more textured or curly hair, choose a smoothing or hydrating cream. And…Buttercup has these little nano beads that, when heated, infuse 32 natural minerals into your hair. That’s where the shine and bounce comes from.


If you can, set your hair at the crown with a Velcro roller or pin curl set while you sleep.  Touch it up in the morning with a ceramic round brush (our “Half Pint”) and a little Detox Dry Shampoo to absorb any excess oil.  Refresh your curls with the 3-Day-Bender curling iron.

Alli Webb, Founder of drybar, interviewed for, March 2014.

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