facial acupuncture at gielly green

I spent the better part of last Saturday hanging out in Marylebone seeing friends and hitting the High Street. As someone always happy to try things “relaxing” and “detoxing”, I booked a facial acupuncture session at Gielly Green, one of London’s stylish boutique salons just off the Marylebone High Street.

Gielly Green Salon, Marylebone, London.

I’m not new to acupuncture, but facial acupuncture would be a first. The salon is working exclusively with the London-based founder of Pointspace Acupuncture, Hong-Kong native and London transplant Ka-Hang Leoungk. She’s trained around the world and has every certification imaginable. I booked the session not really knowing what to expect. Once inside, staff sent me down to the treatment room where I was prepped for my session. And so it began.

Ka-Hang is someone you want to hang out with after work. She has lived, studied and worked around the world, is really personable and has been based in London for the past eight years offering her healing powers through acupuncture. Facial acupuncture, in particular, has become popular in the sun-deprived city, as more seek to alleviate fine lines and signs of stress on the skin.

Not needing any work on my “lines”, and seeking more relaxation, the session turned out to be amazing. After prepping my face, Ka-Hang ever so gently placed the needles at various points across my brow lines, chin, and mouth areas. It wasn’t painful, but I did feel the sensation of the tiny needles hitting my skin. I was then left to “relax” for about 30 minutes, lying in a dimly lit room on what almost felt like a water bed with mood music playing in the background.

A waiting area at Gielly Green Salon, Marylebone, London.

According to Ka-Hang, facial acupuncture has many healing powers–detox, tightening of skin, loosening of tight facial muscles and more. After my treatment, my sinuses had totally cleared up, my face was glowing and I felt as if I had slipped into a calmer state of being. Being still for nearly 45 minutes may have also had something to do with it.

Those seeking a treatment get free consultations with Ka-Hang, and the buzz is that Saturday’s at Gielly Green Salon is the place to be when she is in the house. She’s got a following, and it’s growing. Facial acupuncture, according to Ka-Hang, works from “the inside out, helps clear complexions and steps up what traditional acupuncture does to the body”. It was a fun and healing experience, be sure to look her up when in London.

Ka-Hang Leoungk, Pointspace Acupuncture, London.


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