from greece, with love

Natural soaps by Greek line Apivita.

Greek skincare line Apivita has been in the game just over 30 years and remains one of the best natural skincare brands out there today. Cleansers, eye treatments and body care are just a few products in the Apivita family, and its natural and effective products are a hit with editors, beauty junkies, new moms and more.

This sumer, in attempts to lighten my travel bags, out went the shower gels and in went Apivita’s Natural Soaps--a number of them. Hopping between different climates and weather extremes can’t be too good for the skin. So for those hot and drying days while  in Africa, Apivita’s Natural Soap with Citrus was a welcome (and perfect) skin fix.

Apivita’s soap range consists of a number of paraben-free, skin-saving natural goodies such as olive oil, seaweed and citrus. They are neatly packaged, long-lasting and leave no residue on the skin. Also, for those of us that tend to indulge in longer showers, all Apivita  soaps are synthetic-free, so rest assured nothing toxic is absorbed.

In addition to the Citrus, Apivita’s Natural Soap with Propolis is also an excellent choice for summer skin. Anti-bacterial, anti-oxidant and infused with honey, skin is purged of excess oils and left squeaky clean.

Natural Soaps by Apivita.

The full Apivita skincare line is available at New London Pharmacy, New York City, and Apivita online . *NB-I’ve become a fan of the brands Baby Care products, too! Sensitive types should check out the Hair & Body Wash. Honey and tangerine are a delicious mix.

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