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Last week while in Covent Garden I decided to give the OSKIA Spa another go, this time for a “Gold Pedicure”.  Once settled in I learned that this pedi would be like no other. Fairly intense, a scalp massage using warm oil from OSKIA’s Rose de Mai candle and being allowed to keep the polish of choice was all part of the package. OSKIA’s treatment rooms are quite calm, given that the spa is actually housed in a fitness studio, the newly opened Good Vibes Fitness.

On this particular evening, Good Vibes Founder and Owner, Nahid de Belgeonne was in the house. Meeting her made me want to jump right into a class. Nahid has a glow that you don’t find too often in London or among Londoners, for that matter. And it’s a real one. Her fun personality aside, it could also be the yoga.

Good Vibes Fitness is a first in the U.K., offering yoga in studios that is heated and lit with infra-red light. I’ve experienced the powers of infra-red light and saunas before, and in all honesty I think every Equinox in NYC should replace their saunas with infra-red ones. Results are practically instant, the light is safe and the calories get burned. Rather than a dry and dizzying heat most saunas give off, infra-reds safely penetrate the skin, get the muscles loose enough to relieve any tension, and are quite relaxing, too.

So coupled with a yoga class? Brilliant. Good Vibes offers its signature “Glow Yoga” class, a steady class taking one through the motions under SAD ambient light. It’s amazing, relaxing and yes, will make you glow. Not in a hot and sticky way, but in a relaxed, I could-care-less kind of way.

Nahid de Belgeonne, Good Vibes Fitness Founder

Nahid, whose professional background spans fashion and design, worked on the studio space and has brought it to perfection; they are well-lit and feel so spacious. The lighting is set that so no matter how large or small the class, everyone experiences the “glow”.

Good Vibes Fitness, Covent Garden, London.

Perfect escape from the noise and stresses of navigating the streets of central London.



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