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The Way of Alchemy: Skin Gel by Paris-based Herve Herau

As I often do, I found myself walking the isles of a pharmacy last I was in Paris. This is a must; for as long as I can remember, every trip to the City of Lights had included visiting a pharmacy to stock up on items that either aren’t available at home or would take too long to ship. The latest find was by Paris-based Herve Herau. A lightweight cream gel, or “Skin Alchemy”, as it has become known.

Herve Herau’s Cream Gel is not new to market; it’s been a little over two years or so since it made its debut in Paris. I learned of it last year but figured I would pick it up at Brooklyn’s own Woodley and Bunny. Alas, I never made it out to Williamsburg, but managed to find it again in Paris and am so glad I did.  This paraben-free, organic “cream” is gel-like and also the fastest absorbing product I have ever put on my skin. It sinks in so quickly that you will want to use more, but no there is no need. It super-lightweight and for me, has replaced my skin toner on most days.

So the reporter in me sought out Mr. Herau himself to learn a little more. In Paris, Herau was gracious enough to grant me an interview, in which he explained how this amazing product packed with a variation of brown seaweed to stimulate cells came to be and what we can expect next from his brand.

What prompted you to create a skincare product?

Herve Herau: I have always been very passionate about the skin and how it operates, how it changes. So I wanted to create a product that is “true” and does not promise magic, but more efficiency to the skin. Also, because beauty editors always asked me to create a different product that actually matches my philosophy. So I bean this new adventure of wanting to share my way of understanding the skin, how it reacts to from day to day.

Is your Skin Gel suitable for all skin types?

HH: Yes, it is. The biggest advantage of the cream is its adaptation for all types of skin from dry to mixed to oily and sensitive, whatever the phototype of the skin is. It is also appropriate for men and women. Penetration is immediate. It treat, repairs and quickly stimulates the skin. It is important that I stress that the Cream Gel is a skincare product.

Can the Skin Gel be used year-round?

HH: Yes, it can be used all year long. It is the shield of cellular protection of your skin. During winter, those with very dry skin can apply it first in the morning and then add another rich cream on it. During summer, the cream gel can be used alone for dry, oily and problem skin-types, especially after sun exposure; it works to repairs ad heal, too.

Will you create more products?

HH: Yes, of course!  There are more products I hope to announce soon including body care, and a serum.

Herve Herau Cream Gel retails in New York at Brooklyn’s Woodley & Bunny and online at the famed Colette Paris.

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