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You need gifts. Affordable ones, for that matter. And of course, memorable ones. We ladies tend to over think things and gifting is no exception. This holiday season, we will help you take the guess-work out of your shopping with tips and ideas to suit almost anyone (or so we hope)!

This one is for the boys (or men) in your life. Men want to look good. Many will never say it, but they do care and do need that confidence boost every so often. And as we know, it’s the little things. A sweet-smelling after-shave, a classy watch, or even a subtle pair of cuff links. In short, something that will leave a great impression. This season, that something will be a fine pair of socks.


Ready to give. BYSHARI luxury sock collection.

Dubbed as “a¬†characterization of well-considered British details and humor with a nod to American style”, BYSHARI’s beautiful, stylish and modern socks are the accessory to fill every holiday stocking with this season. Founded and designed by Shahriar Nazemi, a British designer by trade and industry insider, his debut collection has become the accessory of choice for a diverse group of professional men who are obviously looking to make a statement. From Silicon Valley entrepreneurs to the CEO of a particular well-known grooming and skincare line, the sock brigade is out and here to stay. BYSHARI socks are of the highest-quality Egyptian cotton and each pair is hand spun in Milan. There is a real craft to this, and my reporting shows that exactly 13 sets of hands handle each pair, getting them each to perfection.


BYSHARI luxury sock collection.

So, how well do you know your man? Is he a hipster at heart? Or a wanderlust always on the go? BYSHARI’s collections are themed to suit your guy–Hipster, Traditionalist, Voyager. All come perfectly placed in a sturdy black box and ready to gift. With three pair per box and multiple color and design combos, BYSHARI gives us all the more reason to accessorize.



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