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Who doesn’t love a little color? It’s even better when it’s smooth, satiny and organic, right? This season, we’ve re-discovered the beautiful range of lip wear that is ILIA Beauty. Found it in London a few years ago and the brand’s “hero” item, its “Polka Dots & Moonbeams” skin Illuminator has been a staple of mine.

This summer, ILIA Beauty Founder Sasha Plavsic added lip gloss to her fabulous color collection. I too, lived through that stage of wearing lip gloss as opposed to lipstick in an attempt to lighten my “look”. Yes, glosses are less work. But I have also learned that a bold lip is a beautiful lip.

That’s why ILIA Beauty is a perfect (and organic) way to play with gorgeous colors. The new glosses work well with the brand’s already established shades, are long-lasting and healthy for the lips. Yes, healthy. Dab some over a lipstick, or fill in your lips after applying one of the cute “crayons”. Mixing and matching is a good thing with ILIA.

ILIA Beauty's beautiful lip "crayons".

ILIA Beauty’s beautiful lip “crayons”.

Sasha isn’t based in NYC, but is often in town spreading the beauty. Read on for my one-on-one with the ILIA Beauty Founder, and learn how she wants women to have a choice…after all, isn’t it all about having our way when it comes to beauty?

The glosses are the newest addition to what is already a beautiful range of lip color. What was the inspiration behind creating organic lip gloss and why now?

It was something people kept asking for, and seeing as we have focused on the lip market, it was one of the missing pieces to complete this  category. There are those that only like lipstick and others that appeal just to a gloss. We are aiming to have a cross over between the two. 

 Are these glosses for everyday wear? Can they be layered with other ILIA lip products?

Yes, the glosses are not sticky and loaded with oils to help moisturize the lips. Some colors are lighter with a few being stronger. They layer really well with our Lipstick Crayons. 

Describe the ILIA girl (or woman). Is there a “typical” type of client?

We didn’t do any research on a target market. Initially, I wanted to create something I could enjoy and that my friends with similar taste would appreciate. But we have those that love the way the product looks and feels; they don’t necessarily care that the products have a high organic percentage. Others only use ILIA because of its organic content, with aesthetic being secondary. We really sought out to create a brand that would last for a while and carry itself through different styles and age groups. Essentially, beautiful and classic.

What are your tips for lip care and conditioning as cooler weather and eventually winter approaches?

Exfoliating with Balmy Nights a few days a week helps the skin regenerate cells faster, which keep lips healthy. Many of our shades are convertible in that if you use one our lipsticks like Wild Child (fiery red), it has a cousin, Bang Bang, which is a soft tint of red. When the lipstick wears after a few hours, it’s nice to top it up with a tint in a similar hue to bring moisture back and keep lips soft.



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