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Meet Sarah Barton-King…a Londoner in New York. I met Sarah while in London, what seems like ages ago. Our chance encounter has turned into a cool friendship…always nice to know a perfumer! Her fragrances are now retailing at The Plaza Beauty, which after Barney’s New York, has become my destination for things unique and chic. The Plaza Beauty offers some amazing international, hard to find brands such as Sepai Beauty from Spain, Sjal and Euoko, all on one level.

Sarah and I celebrated her debut at The Plaza Beauty recently. Her inspiration and thoughts:

Sarah Barton-King, The Pink Room.

“My studio was based in my house in London and I painted it pink. When the buyers came they called it The Pink Room, so it seemed natural when I opened my shop in Notting Hill to call it The Pink Room; it has now become my brand name. The Pink Room Parfum No.1 was named that as the eidetic experience had in the shop which was more like a boudoir than a shop. Really, very intimate and one-on-one. I had Princess Anne for tea and to honour me as designer. Stars and stylists came and borrowed my designs for their magazines and newspaper shoots, and also for their own style books. Anyhow, pink is a really great color because it heals and is a mood enhancer, not just a ‘girlie girlie’ thing.”

The Pink Room No. 1 Collection.

“Literature, color, textiles, my painting, memories, and my garden are my inspiration; sticking my fingers into the soil, smelling the leaves of plants and I love the fragrance English boxwood and always had it, even in my Pink Room shop and I dressed them up in the windows as  Christmas Trees. Everything inspires me, especially the weather because there is always a fragrance in the air after a rainfall or thunder especially when the sun comes out. I love to watch people’s faces as they try the fragrances. To make them happy or feel the ‘mood’  and enter into discussions about how the fragrance was made and what the ‘notes’ are. The feedback is invaluable on both the fragrances and my packaging because I also design the packaging, making sure it is sourced and made sustainably. The boxes are so pretty they are re-usable.

The wonderful world of ‘Niche/Boutique’ fragrances is highly individual, we don’t have to answer to corporate bodies, we take risks because of our passion and belief in what we do. I think our fantasies, stories and experiences are what distinguish one from another.

The Pink Room girl is a person who I think is well travelled, loves the arts, understands when I tell her my brief for the perfumes because she is well-read. She knows what she wants and certainly what she doesn’t like, she knows who she is, has a good sense of ‘self’ and self-confidence. Doesn’t need a label to identify her; she is eclectic and isn’t swayed by ‘what’s in”.  In fact, she is the same person who came into The Pink Room when it was in London’s Notting Hill.”

Find The Pink Room Collection in New York City at MiN New York.

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