ioma paris: a pioneering concept

There’s no time like after the holidays to try something new. A few weeks ago, I found myself on the main floor of Saks Fifth Avenue staring at what looked like it belonged in a lab. I was at the relatively new IOMA Beauty counter marveling at the IOMA Sphere, a state-of-the art device and the first to apply MEMS sensor technology to skincare.

What is MEMS, you ask? Micro-Electronic Mechanical System technology. And for the first time it is available for the masses, thanks to IOMA. MEMS has been used in military aircraft and even smart-phone technology (yes, in your Blackberry). So if it guides machinery that must operate with the ultimate precision, it can only do wonders for skin, right?

The IOMA Sphere

I was drawn to IOMA over stories that began circulating last fall shortly after its October launch. Reports of clients coming back to the counter in tears over the sheer emotion of their transformation. And the Facebook page with testimonial after testimonial by clients explaining how they will never “waste” money on pricey products again. So here I was on a Friday morning, to try it out for myself.

IOMA touts itself as “evidence-based skincare”. Once at the counter, you are briefed by an IOMA specialist and reminded that the accompanying IOMA Beauty Pro skincare line is the only one retailing in Saks (in addition to Creme de La Mer) that is 100% paraben-free. After placing your face inside the “sphere”, photos are taken.  And it is eye-opening. On this particular morning, my face was bare, but learned that the technology is so advanced, one can be photographed while even in full makeup. So it began.

After a few seconds,  color printouts of all photos are produced. And it is startling. From how the skin appears in “natural light” to polarized light and pore conditions, I was in awe at what was revealed. My diagnosis: very low number of fine lines (whew!!), no forehead wrinkles (YES!), no UV damage (thank goodness), no sagging, but alarmingly and “elevated amount of redness and some bacterial activity”. The redness I somewhat expected, but bacterial activity? What? How? Clarisonic is my weapon of choice so how can this be? The five photos ranged from my natural look to pore condition, the latter taken in blue light.

The three-tiered approach of IOMA’s evidence-based skincare is amazing. The diagnosis, a customized prescription and eventual measurements after about a month’s usage is very precise and effective. The product rage is surprisingly affordable, simple to use and nowhere near as gimmicky as a number of products on the market. The Beauty Pro Line is specific–items to aid and protect from UV damage, redness and dark spot prevention. IOMA is a real game-changer. It hands you the evidence then works to polish it. Encouraging clients to come back and not pressuring to purchase is nice, too. All one has to do is look at what is in front of them then decide for themselves. The products are specifically concentrated with the most active ingredients and fragrance-free; its changed so much for so many. Completely grounded in evidence, yes.

Expert, precision diagnois from IOMA Paris.

IOMA is the baby of Lebanese doctor Jean-Michel Karam. Karam was not only once a pro-basketball player, a former military man but he’s also incredibly charismatic and a genius. He earned a PhD in microelectronics from the Grenoble Institute of Technology and has spent a decade in the tech field developing for physicians and dermatologists. His background is beyond impressive (he’s got some 50 patents under his belt!) and who does’t love a guy that keeps his wife in mind when creating product packaging? Word is that IOMA’s packing was designed to be lightweight, secure and easy to use after Karam saw how often his wife’s products would spill open while traveling. Love it.

Dr. Jean-Michel Karam, genius and founder of IOMA.

IOMA is set-up exclusively at Saks Fifth Avenue Beverly Hills and New York City. It is worth a visit, if anything just to see what’s really lurking and affecting one’s skin. 


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