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It’s officially fall. Cooler temps, heavier sweaters and earlier sunsets. Fall is my favorite season for a reason, partly because of the layering, warm and inviting colors and sometimes, scents. During the fall season, I don’t spritz or mist on a fragrance, I wear it. Same goes for scenting a room…with cooler temps, what’s more inviting than a warm and toasty feeling room with an interesting or enticing scent?

Frederick Bouchardy, Founder and Curator of JOYA Studio is clearly on the same wavelength as me. His studio is not merely a showroom of his latest and greatest creations, but one of craft, workmanship and artisanal delights. Based in Brooklyn, New York (holla!), JOYA Studio is nearly a decade old and in this time has churned out some very pretty and limited edition collections and collaborations.

JOYA Studio for Harrod's of London limited edition candle, up close.

Oud, Leather & Plum Cedar. JOYA Studio for Harrod’s of London limited edition candle, up close.

This fall (and just in time to plan your holiday gifting and entertaining) Frederick has taken his sharp eye for design to Harrod’s of London for the ultimate candle collaboration: “Oud, Leather & Plume Cedar”. Oh yes. Adding to the headiness are notes of cedar, suede and vetiver. A warm and seductive array of scents for the season all housed in limited-edition black porcelain.

This limited edition JOYA item is exclusive to Harrod’s. If you find yourself in Knightsbridge, it’s worth stopping in to experience and/or purchase. Frederick is known for his eye to detail and the candle shows us why. Smooth, minimal and sensual.

JOYA Studio for Harrod's.

JOYA Studio for Harrod’s of London.

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