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I recently caught up with Julie Macklowe, New Yorker and founder of the latest skincare line vbeauté, which hit the counter at Bergdorf Goodman last November. Sitting in her 28th floor office, Julie and I talked skincare and what it takes these days to get a new product off the ground. Not just in New York City, but nationwide.

vbeauté is a technologically advanced, clean skincare range aimed at fighting the signs and effects of aging. Working with Alpine Rose Botanical Technology (ARBT) Julie has brought a safe and nicely packaged (a deep-purple, her daughter’s favorite color!) straight-forward line to market at a time when sophisticated buyers have more and more to choose from. Busy, professional women in particular, with high standards and little time for multiple products to do multiple things, have caught on to vbeauté and its hugely popular It Kit, which holds all the vbeauté essentials in a travel-ready case.

From New York, Julie gave me more insight to her first venture outside the world of finance and what we can expect next from vbeauté.

Julie Macklowe, Founder of vbeauté

You’re known as a go-getter in all you set out to do. How challenging was it to get a skincare line off the ground, especially with so much coming to market these days?

Julie Macklowe: It is never easy starting anything from scratch. Creating a new line from thin air is certainly not for the faint of heart. It is a 24/7 endeavor that requires a great commitment, lots of passion and overcoming constant challenges. To succeed, one must work very hard and not give up. I am very, very fortunate to have an amazing team with intelligence, stamina and the work ethic to execute our business plan!

Describe the vbeauté woman.

JM: Anyone. All ages, all skintypes. The modern woman who wants great skincare on the go and fabulous products for home, but doesn’t want to have to overpay for fabulous products that work. A woman who wants the latest in Alpine Rose Botanic technology, and wants to have beautiful glowing skin that doesn’t require wearing a lot of makeup.

Which has become the most popular product in the line?  

JM: The It Kit is our number one seller, followed by full-sized Lite Up in regards to dollars and Eye Never full-sized in terms of units.

vbeauté is on counter at Bergdorf Goodman, New York City.

The line is not yet a year old, but can we expect more from you and vbeauté?

JM: We launched with Bergdorf Goodman mid-November 2011 and Nordstrom late December 2011. Our line is not even six months old, but it does feel like a year already, though!  We will launch a lip gloss this summer, and yes, there is more on the horizon including a zinc-based SPF which will meet all the new FDA requirements come Spring 2013. Also, a blemish cream and mask are in our development pipeline; we work on an 18-month development cycle.


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