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When in Los Angeles, one becomes a bit more self-conscious. Just a bit. It is impossible not to, right? So it does makes perfect sense to indulge in a skincare or body (or both) treatment or two…or more when in LA.

A dozen years ago, Kinara Skin Care Clinic Founder & Owner Olga Lorecin-Northrup emigrated from her native Belgrade, Yugoslavia, to California and found her place in Los Angeles. As she puts it, she has trained “pore by pore” and is now basically serving the LA-elite and then some. Her “Red Carpet Facial” is an awards season must, and her trademarked Day Spa on North Robertson is known for its effective and addictive body treatments as well as the targeted Kinara Skin Care range. If you haven’t yet heard, Kinara’s Lactic Acid Serum could very well change the way you approach skincare. Yes, it is that effective.


Kinara Skincare regimens.

From Los Angeles, Olga spared some time for an interview, and offered some insights to her approach to skincare, her growing brand and what we should all be doing to help our skin transition from summer to fall. Read on for more, and try to stop by the Kinara Skin Care Clinic next you are in Los Angeles.

How has Kinara Spa evolved since its founding/opening?

Kinara evolved very organically. We always review and investigate the latest technology, products and ingredients in order to stay current. There really isn’t a magic formula but really we’re always trying to hire the best technicians, buy the best equipment and invest in the best ingredients in our own products.

Why did you select Los Angeles as where to bring your beauty expertise?

It really wasn’t a calculated move. When I moved from Belgrade to the United States I had friends here so I chose to live here; the spa was opened a short time after.

What has become the most popular treatment at Kinara Spa?

Very shortly after our opening, the Red Carpet Facial was always our number one treatment. 

How important are body treatments? How often would you recommend them? And what is a good body treatment as we head into the cooler months?

As anything else, it depends on your skin type and your goals. I recommend body exfoliating treatments at least four times per year. In a cooler month I recommend our Red Carpet Body Peel in order to exfoliate all the dead layers that we accumulate during the summer months. 

Your brand has become very popular, what is your most popular product? And is there any one item in your line that could work for all skin types?

Our top three sellers are Lactic Acid Hydrating Serum, Intense Moisturizer with Peptides and Reparative Nutrient Serum, but they are honestly all very close when you look at the numbers. Lactic Acid Hydrating Serum, Weightless Moisturizer, Weightless Infusion, Red Carpet Facial Kit and our Eye Cream that we are just ready to launch, are suitable for all skin types.




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