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Make-up artist Rose-Marie Swift

New York City-based Rose-Marie Swift is not your typical make-up artist. A Canadian native, she has been in the industry over two decades and has worked with the best of the best. Nearly every consumer has seen or experienced her work at some point–she’s worked on global Louis Vuitton campaigns and the famous faces of the Victoria Secret “angels”. With all the experience, exposure and knowledge garnered during her time in the industry, Swift (for personal and professional reasons) took to her research and created RMS Beauty, a makeup range that not only compliments just about every skin tone out there, but is also a “clean” color collection. With the launch of her signature make-up line, RMS Beauty broke ground in the industry by introducing raw, organic color to the market.

Through a mutual friend, I had the opportunity to meet Rose-Marie in New York City, where she is currently based. I’ve known of her heralded “Living Luminizer” for some time now and finally made the purchase. Amazing. I learned all about her ethos of healthy beauty and what’s next for RMS Beauty.

Tell me more about your makeup line. It’s organic, yes. But what really makes it unique?

Rose-Marie Swift:  RMS Beauty is not just another powder mineral line. Minerals alone tend to dry the skin, so I took the concept of skincare and added in minerals for color, creating a moisturizing and really beautiful organic color cream line. It is unique also in the fact that I do not use essential oils. These oils are excellent for therapeutic reasons, but as a daily application on the facial skin and around eyes it can trigger problems. Essential oils have also been known to adversely effect the potency of herbal extracts and can cause skin irritation such as rashes, mostly to sensitive skin(s).

Do you find it difficult to advocate for raw, organic beauty?

RMS: With all the commercialism, advertising and more, consumers are often steered towards mega-brands, which typically don’t offer the purest of products. Unfortunately it is often because of cost. These brands tend to be cheaper then their organic counterparts. And, most mega-brands can afford the heavy advertising and brand placement in essentially ever street corner pharmacy. More and more, it has become a matter of education and awareness regarding the consequences of the chemicals. It is happening, but slowly. The mainstream public is not aware yet of any health consequences, so in my view, this is where beauty, health and cosmetic bloggers, information websites and people creating clean lines come and advocate.

What are the latest enhancements to your color line?

RMS: I have two new cream eye shadows due out soon that I am sure people will love! They will have the same impact the “Magnetic” cream eye shadow has. The lip2cheek colors have all been improved color wise; such as the “Muse” which is now much warmer and can be used both as a highlighter and eye shadow.

RMS Beauty Cream Shadow in "Magnetic"

What’s next for RMS Beauty? 

RMS: RMS Beauty Oil. It’s is a lightweight facial beauty oil that is made with several exotic oils and rare herbal extracts. This product again will have no essential oils but will have its own natural scent, one of nature. It’s a great foundation for for RMS Beauty’s “Un” Cover-ups because it will work synergistically together for a great application.

RMS Beauty's Living Luminizer.

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