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Atelier-Mayer, London

There is used. And there is vintage. Classic, and even designer vintage never looks used, worn or even old. A great piece or accessory will work a decade later, even two or three. This season, rather than go all out on a new fur, I opted for a vintage one. And thankfully London-based Atelier-Mayer had more than enough to make me want to buy more than one.

Launched in 2008, is (in our opinion) the best and only for classic, designer and unique vintage in London. Western Europe is not known to promote vintage wear and fashion, and the U.K. has its random moments when it comes to quality, beautiful legit vintage. is where one will find a 1960’s YSL clutch, a Robinson mink bolero and a 1950’s Schiaparelli Persian lamb and mink coat (the latter which I happily purchased while in London).

I spent some time with the very sophisticated Carmen Haid, founder of and the stand-alone boutique in London, who serves as Creative Director and Publisher of its bespoke magazine. Carmen is an Austrian native, London transplant and one of the most stylish Londoner’s I’ve met. She travels the world building a unique vintage collection and also collaborates with designers to make one of a kind, limited edition items with a vintage twist for Atelier-Mayer.

From London, Carmen defined “vintage”, explained why she chose to launch in the U.K. and what’s next for her global luxury platform.

Carmen Haid, Atelier-Mayer Founder & Creative Director.

Carmen’s definition of vintage is unique. In her view, an item aged between 20-25 years qualifies as vintage. And take care of your goods, ladies. Because only the best of the best in superb condition will suffice for Atelier-Mayer. Be it a one-off item or a small collection, Carmen’s items are in excellent condition, have a sophisticated feel to them and are high-quality, be it a designer or niche item.

The capital of her native Austria (Vienna) was a strong contender for the launch of Atelier-Mayer. While it would have paid a nice tribute to her grandmother from whom she seeks vintage inspiration, London is where Carmen has been based for the past fifteen years as a student, fashion executive and businesswoman. London, according to Carmen is at the forefront of vintage fashion in the U.K. and across western Europe, with France a good contender as well.

The Atelier-Mayer magazine, Carmen tells me, is a natural expansion of the brand and will continue to grow. With a strong online presence and shipping items worldwide, the idea was to offer clients something tangible in addition to their clothing and accessory purchases. A virtual expansion is one thing and the magazine brings it all into a new light, she explains. Available in certain fashionable capitals including Beirut and Paris, Atelier-Mayer’s magazine is modern with a vintage and bespoke feel to it that draws inspiration from global tastemakers sharing their thoughts on fashion.

Stay tuned for new collaborations and collections from Asia, Russia and the Mideast. Fashion waits for no one; and Atelier-Mayer is poised to stay in the race.

Atelier-Mater, London.

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