mid-winter maintenance

I am between Triad’s at New York Dermatology Group but still maintaining. The winter weather has been tolerable, but between freezing temps outside and dry heat inside, I decided to give my skin a well-deserved boost last week. In addition to the daily/weekly regimen, I found myself at Ildi Pekar Skincare. In short, it was all about refinement. My skin managed Ildi Pekar’s Refine Facial well, and I have been maintaing the glow with Dr. David Colbert’s Intensify discs. Love them!

Many of you have asked about the winter regimen, so here goes:

Triad facial at New York Dermatology Group–at least every six weeks.

REN Skincare’s Multi-Mineral Pore Minimizing Detox Mask mask once a week to fight off pollution, tighten the pores and purge my face from the “elements” in New York City.

Labello lip balm (stocked up while in Germany!) and Physician’s UV Defense SPF 30 by New York Dermatology Group.

Colbert MD “Nourish” eye cream at night. Triggers brighter skin; a little dab goes a long way…no more dark circles!

On colder days, a little bit of Filaderme Emulsion Peaux Sèches by French lab Embroylisse. It’s a bit thicker than a serum or lotion, clean and aids in my “glow” factor.

For body, Leonor Greyl Huile de Magnolia all over at night. The sweetest, softest scent ever!

Rodin by RECINE hair oil by Linda Rodin…excellent for the scalp in winter weather.

Lippman Collection’s Rehydrating Base Coat for manicure smoothness. Colors this month have been “Naughty or Nice” from Orly Beauty’s Holiday Collection and “Biscotto Beige” by Borghese, depending on the event and the outfit.

Halfway through the season and surviving…counting down to Antigua in March!

Doctor's Orders: Dr. David Colbert's Nourish Eye Cream

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