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A lot going on lately, but I managed to make it to The Plaza Hotel to catch up with Mathilde Thomas, co-founder of the luxe skincare line Caudalie. It’s here at her Caudalie Spa on the 4th floor that I was introduced to three delicious new fragrances that will be hitting the shelves this week.

Once inside and settled in at the Paradox Lounge, the chicness of the Spa was in full-force.  Mathilde gave a presentation of all the scents while editors mingled and sampled wines from her family’s famous vineyard.  Dawn, noon and dusk are the themes of the range, with each scent meant to invoke particular times of day on and around the vineyards.

One scent, “Zeste de Vigne” was co-created with French master perfumer Francis Kurkdjian.  Java patchouli gives it a tangy feel, with touches of moss adding some depth to the scent. Francis Kurkdjian is known the world over for his fragrances, and for famoulsy scenting the fountain of Versailles in France with one of his signature scents.

The collection is a personal one for Mathilde, who re-located with her family to New York City last year. “The scents really remind me of home,” she told me. “I originally set out to be become a ‘nose’ and create fragrances, but began a skincare line after meeting and working with Dr. Vercauteren. These scents are Bordeaux [France] in a bottle.”

Caudalie's Fragrance Trio

Indeed they are. Of the three, I am leaning the most towards “Fleur de Vigne”, the scent meant for dawn (no kidding!). Notes of white rose and a touch of grapefruit. Perfect namesake scent for moi, no?

Caudalie scents are rolling out to retail this week. Check out the scene from The Paradox Lounge then head out to select your scent.

Caudalie fragrance presentation at New York's Plaza Hotel.

Caudalie Founder Mathilde Thomas, Paradox Lounge at the Caudalie Spa

Revisit our interview with Mathilde to learn more about Caudalie and the Paradise on the 4th floor of New York’s Plaza Hotel.

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