perfection per-feckted!

A few years ago when this product was launched, I was in Los Angeles and was lucky enough to get a small sample from a well-known shop on Robertson Blvd. That was then. This is now, and as I pay more and more attention to my skin and the “routine”, this product is a must. In addition to making me “matte”, Per-fekt Beauty’s Skin Perfection Gel is smooth, lightweight and an excellent corrector. I fell in love with it for the way it made my skin look in photographs. Perfection!

From Hollywood, California, I had the pleasure of speaking with its Founder, Richard Anderson. He was gracious with his time and offered a sneak peak at his latest fabulous creation: Cheek Perfection Gel, which hit stores this fall. The takeaways:

You are a known industry figure. Rather than go in-house with a beauty team, what prompted you to create the Perfection Gel?

Richard Anderson: – From my years of experience in the beauty industry, working on in-store events with brands like Bobbi Brown and Lancaster, I consistently heard the same complaint from women – NO TIME. Today’s modern, on-the-go woman doesn’t have the time to apply a concealer, then color corrector, then primer, then foundation and then powder. She needs a simple, all-in-one product that does it all and does it fast and with results. I created Skin Perfection Gel and all my subsequent products with her mind, to simplify her makeup routine yet still provide her with the look of flawless, airbrushed skin.

How does your Skin Perfection Gel differ from other correctors and concealers?

RA: Skin Perfection Gel differs from other correctors and concealers because it is an all-in-one skin perfecter. A perfecter does the job of many products in one and never covers the skin with a heavy, cakey look – it simply ‘perfects’ the skin allowing your natural beauty to shine through. Skin Perfection Gel is basically your primer, color corrector, foundation and powder in one tube.

How can the Skin Perfection Gel be incorporated into a beauty routine?

RA: Anyone can wear Skin Perfection Gel – men or women, young or more mature. Skin Perfection Gel takes seconds to apply – you simply pat, smooth and go! It gives the look of flawless, photoshopped skin and is completely undetectable in person or on camera. All you see is beautiful skin.

Can you explain the technology behind your products?

RA: When creating my line of perfecters, I wanted to infuse the products with skin care benefits as well. So while the product is being worn, it actually works to internally perfect the skin, too. All of my perfecters have antioxidants, Vitamins A and E. Skin Perfection Gel also has Alpha Lipoic Acid to help prevent  against free radical damage and improve over all skin tone and clarity. Our Eye Perfection Gel can even be used in place of your daily eye treatment or cream because its packed with antioxidants, Alpha Lipoic Acid, cucumber extract, ceramides, hyaluronic microspheres and vitamins A and E.

Who or what is your beauty inspiration?

RA: My clients inspired me!!   After working in the industry so many years, the number one complaint I received was NO TIME!   The number two complaint I received was I HATE FOUNDATION.   I launched Per-fekt in 2005 with one product, Skin Perfection Gel which solves both of those complaints.  Skin Perfection Gel  saves women time because it is all-in-one!  Additionally, Skin Perfection Gel is for all of those FOUNDATION HATERS as rather than cover your skin with heavy and sometimes cakey foundation, SPG perfect’s the skin by photo shopping away the redness, pores, fine lines and shine!

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