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All that glitters: Orly Beauty's 'Tis The Season 2010 Holiday Collection.

“Wow” is what my manicurist at Daisy Salon in Amman, Jordan, said to me when I pulled out the bottle. And wow is right. The bottle was “Meet Me Under The Mistletoe” by Orly Beauty, a deep, sparly green (see photo) from their 2010 holiday collection. Let me first say that Orly is a brand that I *heart* for the fact that it is widely available around the world. There has been many a time when I need a nail fix while away from home (Beirut, Dubai, Istanbul) and Orly has been in just about every salon I’ve found myself in; somewhat of a staple in international markets.

So,  it will be here before we know it. The holiday season and all the extras that come with it–parties, mixers, events, shopping and trying to stay sane. Why not do it with a little sparkle on the nails? Orly Beauty, the force behind Orly nail polishes, has released a festive holiday nail lacquer collection that will lift your spirits and keep you event-ready. In the spirit of planning ahead and being impressed with its colors, I spoke with Catherine Baek, Education Manager for Orly Beauty. I got the lowdown on what’s hot for holiday 2010 and how color really does impact ones mood.

Orly’s Holiday Collection is a good range–a little sparkle, a little shine. What was the inspiration for this season?

Catherine Baek: Our ‘Tis the Season collection was inspired by the colors found during the holiday season, everything from winter white to dark purple and red crèmes. These shades give women the opportunity to accessorize for the holidays with on-trend colors in rich crèmes and sparking glitters.

Was there a target group in mind when developing this Collection?

CB: Orly is always perfect for the woman who is looking to express her own personal style. ORLY is for ALL women who want to feel good, look great and are confident in expressing personal style.

How do you educate about color, particularly at what can be such a hectic time of year?

CB: During the holiday season it is important to emphasize the holiday spirit with tradition but with a modern twist. It is also the perfect season to educate others on how to choose a color that is appropriate for your skin tone. Also, it’s easy to educate about the meaning behind a color and the effects it has during this time of the year. The holiday season, however, doesn’t necessarily mean having to choosing red or green nail lacquer.

Orly’s “Candy Cane” is a great traditional deep cream red, but colors like “Naughty or Nice” can have a darker, sexier element. Wardrobe, of course, is just as important when we pick a nail lacquer color. For the simple black dress, for example, accessorize it with ORLY’s “Glitz and Glamour” nail lacquer; it will instantly give your outfit a luxurious look.

We all have our “up” and “down” days. How does Orly match colors to moods or vice versa?

CB: We have learned and know that colors elicit powerful feelings and emotions. Orly produces a comprehensive color line that works as a vehicle to express a woman’s voice today. And as women, we are very multi-faceted emotionally, spiritually, and mentally. Women are so complex that at one moment we want to feel sexy, smart, happy, mysterious, confident, energized, uplifted, and at peace all at once. Nail lacquers have become the vehicle to express how we feel today. Orly is able to help women vocalize their feelings through our collections. We live in color every moment of our lives and people don’t realize how it can persuade your mood constantly.

If you work in an office that has dark lighting and it’s painted dingy grey, most likely you will feel lethargic and depressed which will lead to less productive days. On the other hand, if you live in a space that is too loud in color like neon green, it might be too much stimulation and you might become distracted quite easily. Therefore it is important to find a balance and discover your internal color spirit. We all emit a color spirit and it’s important to tap into your very own.

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