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Jane Birkin and Farah Fawcett. Say what you want, but these two women knew how to work it in the heyday that was the 1970’s. So if two icons pulled off denim and made the look sexy, who wouldn’t want to know how they did it? Behold Made in Heaven Jeans, the London-based brand that today is under the Creative Direction of Chloe Lonsdale, a Central St. Martins graduate who also happens to be the daughter of a fashion model and goddaughter of the founder of one of Britian’s iconic denim houses, the original MiH Jeans.

Chloe lives with her husband and two sons in Notting Hill, London, and travels often between her hometown and New York City (where MiH Jeans maintains a showroom) overseeing the brand and its vision. I had the opportunity to visit the showroom in New York last month and got the story behind the rebirth of what Net-a-Porter has delivered to my apartment–some great denim and a top (that was exclusive to the site) that I purchased online. Chloe shared with me the story and excitement behind the rebirth of MiH Jeans, as well as her trend picks for SS ’12.

What was it like to re-launch the Made in Heaven denim line?

Chloe Lonsdale:  It has been such an incredible opportunity to relaunch a brand that held such status and legacy during the ’70’s, and was also among some of the most influential icons of that decade. That alone is an amazing foundation for launching the brand today, and we’re constantly inspired by the brands original fits and washes.

What makes MiH Jeans really stand out in what some say is a crowded denim market?

CL: MiH denim has a very unique fit. From the the clean & tailored silhouette across the hips to the detail & positioning of the back pockets, each pair offers an immaculately crisp finish that is similar to a pair of trousers, which is not something you see very often in denim. Our vintage studs, rivets and the original dove logo also helps to set us apart. To compliment our unique fits, we source the most beautiful and high-quality denim from Italy and Japan so our jeans are really made to last a lifetime.

Is there a “typical” MiH Jeans girl? Or do you feel the brand crosses all cultures?

CL: The MiH girl is modern, confident and independent in her choices. She has a natural sense of style that is a bit understated because she knows that it’s not so much about the jeans, but really more so how she wears them. 

What is the biggest denim trend for Spring ’12?

CL: Silhouette & Wash have been the main focus for our Spring/Summer ’12 collection. Colors are softening into muted pastels and faded out hues, and are accompanied by vintage washes that are natural and subtle. Our Corky in Hope & Sage, as well as the Breathless in Sage are perfect examples of these amazing vintage washes. Regarding fits, the wide leg & skinny are still very relevant but there is a lot more opportunity for the Bootcut silhouette again; everything from mini bootcuts to slim bootcuts and mini flares. Also, our Sugarland fit is the essential bootcut!


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