s5, for stressed skin

Five key serums of London-based S5 Skincare.

S5 Skincare, the latest and greatest from London-based ethical and eco savvy Laura Rudoe, launched this fall, with five *key* serums all aimed to repair, restore and in some cases, save one’s skin. I spent some time with Laura last month while in London and let me say, she is one smart cookie. I don’t say this because she is a busy working mum of two, or even because she’s a Harvard MBA. I say “smart” because within minutes of speaking with her, you know Laura knows the game she in and how to play it. From conception to development to production, she is current on the ins, outs and who is doing and developing what in the skincare space. As an Editor who deals with huge amounts of info almost daily, it was very refreshing to meet and speak with her!

So as I sat with her in at the lounge of the Sofitel St. James Hotel, I listened and watched her review her new skincare range, and learned all about her eco-friendly mindset. Her glowing skin is one sell; the science and prescion behind S5 is another.

This is a skincare range totally designed to combat skin stress in all its forms–dryness, wrinkles, redness and more. We’ve all been there and we’ve all searched for a solution–but just how many have been permanent?

Laura and her team of cosmetic scientists, ingredient researchers and skincare experts have sourced pure ingredients from the ecosystem. That’s right, the ecosystem. Think of the extreme conditions Mother Nature gives us–the desert, high altitudes and the rainforest, to name a few. Somehow, S5 has managed to bring together only the most cleanest, eco-certified and organic elements into its products (p.s.–the serums and cleansers smell pretty nice).

There is more than enough solid and proven research behind this new brand. The serums heal the skin while reminding us that signs of ageing are most commonly traced back to “stress”, be it dryness, blemishes and/or hyperpigmentation.

I personally have not gone through the full range, but am working my way through it. Also looking forward to spring 2013 when a “Vitality Mask” is launched. According to Laura, this new addition will be a “perfecting mask” that can be mixed with any serum in the range. The S5 line is totally worth a try, whether or not your skin is “problematic”. Watch this space…more reporting on S5 to come soon!

Find the entire S5 Skincare range online. In the U.S., Ayla Beauty is well-stocked and provides an excellent and educational beauty fix. In the U.K., the team at Selfridges is ready to assist.



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