the world’s first beauticeutical

Yes, dear readers. Beauticeutical. You may have never have heard this term before, but it does exist and it’s very much for real. Barcelona-based SEPAI, the skincare line founded by Paola Gugliotta and Roxana Chang that has taken the European consumer to a new level of skincare preservation is so technologically and scientifically advanced, a new classification has been coined for it: “beauticeutical”.

SEPAI came to market late 2009 with an offering of targeted skincare products formulated after years of scientific research. A cosmetic candle and vitamin supplements are also included in the range, offering the essential antioxidants and fatty acids our precious bodies need.

Last winter, I had the opportunity to meet Paola and learn all about the brand. SEPAI has both an international and celebrity clientele, retails across western Europe and most recently arrived in Singapore and the United Kingdom. Country by country, the line is gaining a following–be it for it’s Body Extract, which targets elasticity, or rich eye cream with SPF 15 that works to protect the eye area from the elements and ageing.

Firm, maintain and glow with SEPAI Body Extract.

From the line’s headquarters in Barcelona, Paola filled me in on the inspiration behind SEPAI, how she happened on the brand’s name and her hopes of bringing the “beauticeutucal” to the U.S. market.

What exactly does “SEPAI” mean?

Paola Gugliotta:  SEPAI didn’t have a particular or special meaning for us when we choose the name, it just sounded very good. It was short and easy to pronounce in every language, and it also gave us (Roxanna and I)  a comfortable feeling. A couple of months after launch, we discovered that SEPAI in Chinese means  6×3, to describe 18, and 18 in numerology represents life. So I guess we coulndn’t have chosen a better name!

What prompted you to create a luxury skincare line, given your prior professional experiences?

PG:  I’ve always had a strong interest in the sciences. So we decided to create a skincare line to satisfy the most exigent of clients (those that have real issues and require real solutions), and also those looking for a multifunctional, highly concentrated product. And of course, it also had to be secure and clean. SEPAI turned out to be “luxurious” mainly because it is an all in one product. It contains an elevated number of actives, in which we have performed a great variety of efficacy tests. Therefore, the prices are bit higher than your typical brands on the beauty counter as a result of the scientific expertise and high-level testing that has gone into the line.

SEPAI's rich eye cream. Prevention, protection and more.

Describe the SEPAI client.

PG:  We’ve done research and can confidently say our clients are well-informed. They hold a deep knowledge of not just an item, but also the ingredients of what they purchase, be it food or skincare. And, they are cosmopolitan in a sense that time is money for them. They are mostly seeking and need to invest only a precise amount of time to take care of themselves. For example, extra minutes in a day are a luxury. Also, cool hunters! They are always looking for the latest news and they don’t want to wait or to be the last to test-drive something new. In addition, we have noticed that SEPAI clients are practical in a sense that they are efficient with their life and time management, so need their skincare concept and usage to be so.

Paola Gugliotta and Roxana Chang, founders of Barcelona-based SEPAI Skincare

More to come! Watch this space for more on Paola, Roxana and SEPAI. I’ve got the scoop on her inspiration, how she manages as a working mom and her plans for bringing SEPAI to the US market.

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