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TATCHA’s Luminous Hydrating Mask

I’ve mentioned TATCHA before. The well thought-out and perfectly developed line that is the brainchild of California-based Vicky Tsai. How did we ever manage without her Aburatorigami and its flecks of gold leaf? And for those special nights out, who doesn’t have Evening Aburatorigami tucked in their respective Alaïa clutch?

This summer (and just in time for the heat in NYC) TATCHA has given us its new Water Collection, infused with the goodness of red algae and the brand’s trademarked and patented HADASEI-3 Bioactive Complex. Properties of the sea are notoriously good for the skin (as we see from La Mer’s seaweed properties) and red alage is no exception.

15 minutes of your life is all it takes to work with TATCHA’s Hydrating Mask. A serum moisturizes and helps to make this coconut-derived bio-infused product also a lifting one. Begin your ritual with TATCHA’s Cleansing Oil for a smooth palette.

TATCHA’s “Luminous” Deep Hydratng Lifting Mask comes expertly packed in a set of four individual masks, and depending on the skin type can be your weekly “me-time” trick. The product also comes fully protected in a mesh net so no messiness or fuss with this item.

I worked with the mask this week and my admiration for TATCHA aside, it’s a winner. Easy, effective and results that don’t need daily or multiple applications.–all key factors for busy professionals when looking to incorporate something new into the regime. Even better, the mask is a lightweight item–perfect to toss in the travel bag for a post-flight refresh.

Stay luminous.

TATCHA Beauty Hydrating Lifting Mask-Luminous!

The Luminous Collection and full skincare range by TATCHA is online and exclusive to Barney’s New York. Get your Aburatorigami fix at New London Pharmacy, New York City.


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