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Pureology, 5th Avenue, New York City.

In keeping with our “repair your hair” series of product highlights and interviews with industry insiders and experts, we are excited to share the latest from Wendy Bélanger, Pureology International Artistic Director. Wendy was gracious enough to spare some time to tell us about her rise in the industry, and offer the latest on styling as we transition to warmer months.

Wendy is based between New York City and Canada, and is the Founder of fashion-forward Influence Salon in Calgary (Alberta). From editorial to runway, she has developed the Influence brand and aesthetic across both borders while educating stylists and clients on the Pureology brand. Big on color care and styling, Pureology’s Color Stylist line is Wendy’s go-to for stylish, manageable hair and the proper maintenance of  colored tresses. We picked her brain on the how-to’s for color-treated hair.

As we transition from winter to spring, are there any tricks for styling hair as humidity returns?

Remedy and prevention! Make sure you remedy any dryness from the winter months with a prescribed treatment from your stylist. And, prevent humidity issues by making sure you include a humidity resistant product like Pureology’s Super Smooth to make sure hair remains soft and not fuzzy.

What can be done to protect and maintain color as warmer weather approaches?

The sun will (obviously) start playing a huge factor as the weather warms up. Make sure you make Color Max leave-in conditioner part of your hair care regimine all year round to stop color fadeage and also oxidization from the sun.

How is Pureology’s Color Stylist styling line perfect for color-treated hair?

Color Stylist is perfect for color treated hair because all of the Pureology products contain the brand’s patented AntiFade Complex to prevent oxidization, which is huge in color fading. Most brands typically only have color protection in the shampoos and conditioners.  Every time you use a Pureology styler such as Root Lift or Strengthening Control Hairspray you are including a good amount of color protection.

Is big hair in for spring? How do you recommend the Lustrous Volumizer be used?

Volume is current all year round! This spring is no different. Finally, clients with fine hair have a clear gel such as Lustrous Volumizer that goes into the hair and not only gives great volume, but also control and hold without weighing it down. There isn’t a guest in my chair that doesn’t have the Volumizer as part of their personal blend! 

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