summer skin, saved at last!

Your new essential: TATCHA by Vicky Tsai.

Summer has arrived. Officially (June 21) it has begun. With heat and humidity comes the need for an extra step of skin care. Part of what I do for a living involves meeting and interviewing people and trust me, dear reader, interviewing a CEO with super shiny skin is never a good thing. Last month while in the Middle East (between the desert and the beach and meetings) my skin needed a fix.  A serious one.

Behold Tatcha Aburatorigami blotting paper. LIFESAVER! I’ve tried a few brands here and there, but Tatcha is the BEST, hands down, in my humble opinion. I had the privilege of meeting its Founder and all-around lovely lady, Vicky Tsai. Here are some takeaways:

“Tatcha Aburatorigami” is an interesting name. Why did you choose it?

Vicky Tsai: In Japanese, aburatorigami means “paper that cleanses oil”, literally. So in trying to keep it simple, I went with this.

What prompted you to create such a fabulous (and essential) product?

VT: Throughout my travels, and spending my summer’s in Asia as a child, I always discovered little treasures for my skin and hair. I began to accumulate a number of treasures and TATCHA is my way of sharing these. Geisha in Japan are truly a work of art, and they take their regimen seriously. The blotting sheets are an essential part of their routine and I wanted to capture it, as well as bring it back home.

How can women properly incorporate your product in their beauty routine?

VT: There are two ways to use TATCHA aburatorigami.  In the morning, you can use them to help set liquid and cream based makeup because they lifting away excess oil and moisture on your skin from the product while leaving the pigment perfectly intact, which helps makeup wear better throughout the day.  In the afternoon and evenings, you can use them again to instantly freshen up the buildup from the day, again without disturbing your makeup or adding more powder or product to your skin.  Due to their large size, one sheet (back and front) will do!

Love the packaging, what inspired the design?

VT: Thank you. It’s always an honor to know that women enjoy what we’re trying to create.  The design is simple but pays homage to the history of the product.  Our product is made with care form start to finish and the packaging is simply an extension of our beauty philosophy.  I love that it looks pretty in your favorite bag, but can be recycled when you’re all done with it so that it’s a zero waste beauty essential.

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