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So, you have probably heard or read about Meika Hollender, co-Founder of the latest and greatest condom/ brand that is enabling folks do get down to business in a “safer” way. Meika and her dad founded Sustain Condoms last year and their message is clear: The two want you to have better sex.

There is a legit story to tell about Sustain and it’s so great to see Meika making the rounds and breaking it down for folks that think Sustain is just another good ol’ condom brand. It’s not and it’s not trying to be, either.

We had the opportunity to chat with Meika this winter. See our Q&A below and be sure to visit the brand’s slick website and check out In-ter-course, their official blog for insights and ideas.

Why “Sustain”? Of all the titles for a condom brand, how did this come to be?

Meika Hollender: Coming up with a name was actually one of the hardest things to date! We wanted something that had a double mean, touching on the sustainability aspects of the brand as well as you know, sex. So, one of our investors had this idea early on and it was just what we kept going back to and eventually it stuck!

What makes Sustain unique from other condom brands on the market?

MH: Sustain is the first sustainable, nitrosamine-free, Fair Trade Certified brand of condoms marketed first and foremost to women. Our condoms are sustainably produced using natural, Fair Trade rubber from a multigenerational, family-run plantation that ensures the absence of child labor.

We’re also one of the only condom brands marketing to women. Why Women? Because women purchase 40% of condoms, and young women are most at risk for contracting STDs (1 in 4 college freshman will get an STD their first year!). Our mission is to celebrate, empower and educate women and help them get on top of their sexual health.

To set us apart even more, and to support organizations that mean a lot to us, we activated an initiative called 10%4Women in which 10% of pre-tax profits go to organizations (like Planned Parenthood) that provide reproductive healthcare and family planning services to low income women in the U.S.

Sustain has a fun and informative blog…what made the brand decide to launch this?

MH: I’m so glad you like the blog! We realized early on that in order to educate, inspire and empower women we needed to do more than just talk about our product. We needed to talk about STDs, safe sex, GIRLBOSSES and how they stay on top, new pubic hair trends, and why it’s important to carry condoms in a straight-talking, bold and clever way.

What’s next for Sustain? You’ve a necessary product with fun and interesting packaging…what can we expect next?

MH: We have two new lines of products that we will be launching in spring 2015 that are also in the sexual wellness category. I can’t reveal what they are yet, but if you use your imagination I’m sure you can figure it out.

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