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Inside a treatment room at Bliss 49, New York City.

Last fall, I began a new ritual–facials on my back. Yes, my back. The often neglected and sensitivity-prone area on our bodies we too often overlook. A new exercise routine has me paying extra attention to my skin as I sweat it out and my body detoxifies itself. While lying on a heated and extra comfy treatment bed at Bliss 49 in New York City, super-estehtician Kenny Milstead suggested we “get to work” on my back.

This service is far from new, but should be more popular than it is. All the goodness of a Bliss 49 facial (and the add-ons) can be applied to the back. Hence the term “backcial”. Spa-strength products and the latest technology are used in this treatment, and it’s quite addictive. I’ve personally seen Kenny every month this year and have been alternating treatments with a pass of micro-dermabrasion, too. Needless to say, my entire back feels smoother than silk and any pigmentation issues have all cleared up.

After my last treatment, I sat with Kenny and got the scoop on the backcial, and just why this service should be incorporated into every skincare routine. Read on for more, then find Kenny at Bliss 49 in New York City.

“The “backcial” is great for men and women, especially if they’re sporty, active, dancers, models and such. Keeping your back clean and polished is just as important as keeping your face glowing and radiant.

We as estheticians can reach places on the back than you can’t when just showering or bathing. We need to perform custom treatments on this area of the skin,  because it is different from the skin on your face. It’s wonderful for clients who have back acne, and for the scarring that acne can cause.

Kenny Milstead, expert esthetician at Bliss 49, New York City

It’s very important to exfoliate the back.  Dead skin can build up and cause dryness and flakiness.  Oil and dirt can get under the skin to cause breakouts.  As an esthetician, we can use micro-dermabrasion, special enzyme masks and peels to remedy all issues the skin on the back may be suffering from.

How often a “backcial” is necessary would depend on the condition of your back.  Once every month or couple of months would be ideal to keep one’s back nice and smooth and of course, free of breakouts.  If you have a condition on the back like acne (not on open skin!), hyper-pigmentation, or scarring you may want to come for a treatment more frequently.  The skin on the back is different from the skin on your face, so you could come every two-three weeks to treat those conditions.  But as with all things, you don’t want to, and never should overdo it.  Your esthetician can let you know where you stand as far as how frequently you need to come.”

–As told to Dawn, May 2012 in New York City.

Kenny Milstead is based at Bliss 49 within the W Hotel in New York City. 

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