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A recent visit to the dermatologist led to a conversation about the delicate under-eye area. Although my dark circle days are thankfully behind me, I’ve learned it is an area that just cannot be neglected. Water, hydration, water, hydration (as my derm always tells me) is a huge help. And for those days (or weeks) I am on the road, a hydrating/brightening mask is a must.

For the sake of simplifying things and treating this delicate and tell-tale area of the skin on the go, I’ve made a habit of working with Skyn ICELAND’s Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels, which have proven to be an effective and a (simple) pleasure to use. Being so compact and affordable have also them a travel-must. Post-flight, pre meeting and post-work, these gels have come though time and time again.

Skyn Iceland

Skyn ICELAND Founder & President Sarah Kugelman and I not only share an alma matter, but a passion for business travel. I met Sarah in New York City last spring and learned about her very personal and professional journey that led to the creation of her brand, which now retails globally. And as busy professionals will agree, it is the little things–such as taking ten minutes of your life to “pause” that matter.

Sarah and I caught up last month in NYC and I learned more about her top-selling product, and got her take on the importance of treating the eye area. The Hydro Cooling Eye Gels are often seen being used on models backstage pre-show and post-show. I love the gels for their cooling factor and non-irritating properties. The Hexapeptide technology works to calm muscles beneath the skin, ultimately reducing lines. Perfect for the after-work transition and post-flight when skin is tightened. Below are some takeaway’s and expert tips from Skyn ICELAND Founder Sarah Kugelman.

How important is it to keep the eye area hydrated, even during the summer months? 

“Very important. The skin under the eye is very thin skin so it tends to get drier faster.   Sun, heat, salt water, wind and more all contribute to the ‘drying effect’. Since dry eyes show age faster, for example– lines and wrinkles, we really want to keep this area hydrated.”

What differentiates Skyn Iceland’s eye gels from others on the market?

“We use a special hydro-gel technology that is infused with our proprietary Icelandic Glacial Waters. This hydro-gel technology osmotically transfers water right into the epidermis…instantly hydrating, cooling and treating. These gels don’t drip, they are not sticky and they do not pull on the skin when removed.”

How often do you recommend use of the eye gels? Does it vary for particular skin types?

“It’s really an ‘as you need it’ type of product. Plenty of our customers use them daily.   But they especially great when your eyes are feeling dry, puffy or tired. They work in just ten minutes and can be used morning or night.”

Skyn ICELAND Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels.



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