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As part of my skin rehabilitation (summer was brutal!) this fall, I splurged a little and snagged a bottle of what many in the know have dubbed “Miracle Oil”, Linda Rodin’s Oilo Lusso face oil. Oil on my face? Yes. Doesn’t sound practical, but, dear readers, it works like a charm. Rodin, a former model, beauty entrepreneur and well-known fashion stylist, created this now famous oil for everyday use. I tested it for three weeks and after just two days, my skin had a dewy, silky look to it. Perfect at night to hydrate while you rest.

I had the privilege of meeting Linda in New York recently. Over coffee we discussed the mix, the inspiration and her growing line of Olio Lusso products.

40 years in the industry and you founded Olio Lusso. What inspired you?


Linda Rodin: I have seen and worked with just about every product there is. At a certain point, I wanted something completely effective, but also simple. Not multiple products, just one. And, it wasn’t just me. The more market research I did, the more I learned that many were looking for something not only simple, but also effective. My oils were carefully crafted, clinically tested by New York’s leading dermatologist, Dr. David Colbert,  and was proven to work in a number of ways. And, I sought to produce a chemically free product so every item in my line is  100 perent natural .


How did you decide which oils to blend?


LR: Testing and more testing! I finally chose eleven oils, which I had tried over the years, separately. I discovered that I could mix all of them together for the ultimate benefit.

You’ve branched out to body oil, a hair oil and an all-natural lip-balm. What can we expect next?


LR: Olio Lusso Body Oil is an extension of the face oil–all natural, too. My lip balm was created out of the simple fact that I needed it. I needed something clean, natural and effective to wear alone or with make-up. I recently collaborated with Bob Recine, an amazing and international hair icon, who developed for RODIN an wonderful hair elixir: RODIN by RECINE. It is a unique blend of eight oils, is silicone and chemical-free and absorbs incredibly well into all hair types.


From the runways of Italy to fashion editor to beauty businesswoman. What’s next for you?


LR: 2011 will be an exciting year, with an expansion of my line!

The Lip Balm. Rodin by Linda Rodin.

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