the phytomer body

Who doesn’t love French skincare? Or things from the sea–algae, seaweed, etc. We’ve come to realize the positive and potent effects of mother nature’s body of water and thankfully for the skin obsessed, French skincare lab Phytomer has us covered inside and out with marine-based science and technology. Who knew?

So as we prepare our bodies for warmer months, Phytomer, still very much a family owned brand based in Saint Malo, France, offers up an antidote for whatever your skin concerns may be. Need to firm up? Covered. Detox and boost well-being? Easy. Tighten and brighten? Done. In anticipation of the brand’s latest and greatest, a pioneering “youth perfecting” cream, I opted to revisit a skincare range that reminded me of my younger days of snooping in and around my mom’s vanity shelf. Phytomer has been in the game for 40 years now and needless to say, they must be doing something right.  A little spring cleaning never hurt anyone; read on for the way to a “Phytomer body”.

Start from within: Phytomer’s Oligomer Drink Dietary Supplement is a lemon-flavored drink mix derived from sodium-reduced seawater concentrate. Marine Magnesium and Marine Calcium will fight fatigue and balance the nervous system. Who doesn’t need more of this? The brand recommends one drink per day; pack it to go and simply stir into a tall glass of water.

Soak it up: Phytomer Oligomer PURE Sea Water Bath will help “cellular fatigue”, detox the skin and help your skincare products work that much better. Just a 15-20 minute soak is all it will take to loosen muscle tension and feel that much more relaxed.

Exfoliate: Phytomer’s Seaweed Soap is a round, nicely scented and good-sized piece of soap that contains cleansing particles and not only offers a little scrub, but softens, too.


A Phytomer Body.

Moisturize, strengthen, re-charge: Phytomer Oligomer Well-Being Strengthening Body Cream is a rich, daily moisturizer that includes prebiotic sugars, which are clinically proven to aid the skin’s barrier. The Oligomer complex (proprietary to the brand) is essentially freeze dried seaweed water, which boosts cellular activity and allows skin to rebalance. With 104 trace elements of the sea, this marine-focused brand does a body good. 

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