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Living in New York City. Working for beauty and fashion powerhouse Chanel. Not too many women would leave this behind that easily, but Sara Carner did. She went home. And when home is the historical, sunny Mediterranean city of Barcelona, inspiration is a nearly a given. Having come from and being raised with a family of leather producers and manufacturers, Sara developed not only an eye, but a deep admiration for craftsmen and the process of making that unique item that will stay with one forever–be it a scent, a garment or accessory, etc. Combine this with a love of fine fragrances and a passion to create, and her signature collection CARNER BARCELONA was born.

CARNER_BARCELONA_2From Spain, Sara filled me in on her relatively new fragrance collection and the deep inspiration behind her scents. Founded in 2009, CARNER BARCELONA is a chic brand of memorable fragrances that is now retailing globally and hit the States this year at Fred Segal. My interview with Sara follows, noting my *favorite*  of the current collection, D600.

What prompted you to create Carner Barcelona? 

I am passionate about perfumes! I have always been captivated by how perfumes impact our memories and emotions. After working for sometime in the industry in New York, I decided to start my own project. I wanted to create a unique collection of perfumes using the best available ingredients and materials. When developing Carner Barcelona, I wanted to go further from just creating nice scents; I wanted to evoke memories, share experiences and transmit emotions.

For me personally, it was very important to manufacture in Barcelona as I wanted to infuse CARNER BARCELONA with the values of craft and quality. Growing up in a family of leather manufacturers, I was taught at a very young age what the real culture of  local artisan work is about, and for me it was a must to rely on the experience and know-how of our local suppliers.

What is the inspiration behind your fragrance D600?

D600 is a perfume inspired in and by Barcelona. In its smells, lifestyle, and culture. I tried to capture the urban lifestyle and  the Mediterranean spirit of Barcelona. It’s a modern and cosmopolitan perfume, with a spicy opening and a woody, sweet base.

Why is it called “D600”?

D600 means Diagonal num. 600, the address where we have our studio is in Barcelona. “Diagonal” is one of the main avenues of the city, and as the perfume it’s inspired in Barcelona and in its life. We wanted to name it with and urban concept, and the home where the concept was conceived and born seemed just perfect.

What other types of fragrance can we expect from Carner Barcelona?

Carner Barcelona’s signature scent is wood. Although each perfume has a singular character, all of the four perfumes share this common ingredient, wood. I find wood to be one of the most intriguing and exciting accords, and the brand is based on that principle. Therefore, in the future, I will try to be consistent and continue within this direction. Of course, I will continue to work to surprise clients and evoke the true feelings and the luxurious experience of wearing fine perfumes.


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