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It’s officially winter. Bitter winds and not a drop of humidity to be felt. No doubt our skin and hair can suffer just as much as our emotions this time of year. Let’s f ace it, a 4:45 p.m. sunset is not cool, nor is walking out of warm apartments into ice cold wind. Wind, in some cases that can literally knock you to the ground.

Since the fall, a bevy of items have landed on my desk–most purchased–to test out or indulge in as to what could suit the skin, hair and more best this winter season. Read on for more on what my team and I are keeping close by, stocking up on this winter, and of course have our objective seal of approval. Happy New Year!


French Brand Klorane is a beauty lover’s favorite and well-known known for its  plant-based products. This winter, its Mango Oil Spray is going with us on business trips and we’re packing it for resort, too. Why? Non-greasy, smells super sweet and is perfect for tresses exposed to wind on the ski slopes or too much sun while on your winter break in Barbados. Pure mango butter calms the hair down, leaving it touchable and shiny. Redken’s Powder Refresh is an effective dry shampoo that thankfully comes in a travel size. Perfect for those freezing mornings when washing the hair is just not an option. Leave the shampoo bottle at home and take this one to go.


Extremities suffer the most, right? Hands, lips, etc. Lip balm is a year-round essential, and winter is no exception. Embryolisse, the cult French brand (that is forever selling out) released a Lip Protection Stick last year and it’s still one of my favorites–it’s got a perfect texture that stays on. Family-owned Rosebud Perfume Co.’s lip salves are a staple and this winter, a tin of their Rosebud Salve and/or Mocha Rose Lip Balm will give the perfect hint of a shimmer with long-lasting coverage. It’s an affordable staple with a cool history behind it. In addition, I happily discovered Australian brand Suvana Beauty last summer. Their “paw paw” balm is excellent–no petroleum and a touch of honey. Stock up!


Splurge Skincare is a great American brand founded by two teachers (yes, you read right) that just wanted something good to put on their skin. Zero toxins with these two; just an affordable, effective, natural product that won’t strip way moisture or have you slipping in the tub. Love the peppermint and organic safflower oil-infused “The Rub”. Good year round, gentle and an easy exfoliant that works well. Post shower, Australian brand Aesop’s Breathless Oil (A Bout de Souffle) is so rich and elegant, dry winter skin will be grateful for the blood orange and laurel leaf extract. Superb post-shower on damp skin.


Splurge Skincare’s “The Rub”.


Leave it to Dr. David Colbert to give us a sweet-smelling face oil. He and his team debuted “Illumino” in the fall and read into it, my friends, because illuminate it does. Just a few small drops at bedtime and skin is moist and refreshed. It’s packed with a number of antioxidant rich (borage, marula) oils and a touch of passion fruit to maintain elasticity of the skin. I’ve been layering it under my day cream for added moisture. And, on to day creams. TATCHA Beauty is out with an ultra-rich, anti-ageing cream that will repair the driest of skin this winter. The cult brand’s “age renewal” is a forceful mix of plant extracts that will moisturize sooth and smooth the most stressed skin. French dermatologist Dr. Jean-Louis Sebagh’s Rose de Vie Hydrating Mask (love this!) is a lightly scented, souffle-like mask that I slathered on during my last flight. The good doctor touts its anti-ageing properties, I love it for the deep moisture and Vitamin C. No post flight-ashiness with this gem.

ColberMD Illumino Oil, Dr. Sebagh Rose de Vie Hydrating Mask.

ColbertMD Illumino Oil, Dr. Sebagh Rose de Vie Hydrating Mask.


Stay safe and beautiful this winter!


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