this summer, hit reset

We are halfway through the year and how many of us can say we’ve stuck to our health/diet plans so far? Eating right is not the “easiest” thing to do, to maintain and it is also easy to slip up every so often, too. Pooja Mottl, foodie rockstar and author of the well known “Three Day Reset” explains to us it doesn’t have to be all that difficult to eat well, eat deliciously and more importantly, to stick to it.

bouleys kitchenPooja, like so many women we have met and interviewed, has a great to story to tell and is as genuine as it gets when it comes to what she is living and promoting. Through education, changing her mindset and diet, she has become a professional chef and author, showing countless individuals the light on how to eat and live right. A graduate of the National Gourmet Institute, Pooja authored The Three Day Reset to much acclaim and continues to help many switch gears and get healthy.


Her book has been on the market for over a year now, but the mantra still rings true. Yes, you can change your eating habits and yes you can learn to enjoy healthier, more nutritious foods that can help your body grow and remain fit. What else could we ask for?

How To Hit Reset:

According to Pooja, this requires some attention and effort. Three days is just enough time to re-calibrate things and dive in to a healthier food intake and eating rhythm. Educate yourself on all things that are good for you–so learn how the body consumes fresh fruits, etc., not waffle fries. Taste and fully experience the multiple flavors of things that are natural, healthy and nourishing. Then, prepare your meals. Too many us today are ordering out, eating out and over-indulging. Hitting “reset” will teach you not to, how to curb things and encourage you to prepare more of your own food and if anything, to control your portions and what really goes into your meals.

The Three Day Reset is still a top-seller and team ATD highly recommends it! Why not hit “reset” at this halfway point of the year? Visit Pooja’s site for more inspiration, beautiful images and kick-start your reset today.

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