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Market research recently led me to the office of Dr. David Colbert, founder of New York Dermatology Group, a team of highly trained skin specialists here in the City that treat all types of skin conditions from scars and tumors to the cosmetic including botox and more. What makes Dr. Colbert’s practice so unique is the MD factor. MD as in medical doctor. His staff are also certified internists and surgeons.

After some discussion, I scheduled what Colbert has dubbed  a “medical facial”. While my skin isn’t in any type of condition to undergo a dramatic treatment or change, I am paying more attention to it as the seasons change and environmental factors go up and down.

Enter Beracah, my esthetician who perfomed “The Triad Medical Facial” on me. Colbert designed this to not only clean, but to tone and peel. The “facial” began with a light micro-dermabrassion (my first time!) then a laser toning and finished with a light peel, which Colbert has proved provides a light glow to the skin.

It was a gentle and incredibly effective process which I learned is also great for the hands, neck and other often exposed ares of the skin. And given the well-known faces I spied coming and going in the office that day, it is well worth it.

Colbert, who was trained in France and the US, has created a simple, clean and affordable line of skincare that offers the basic essentials: Stimulate, a light serum to start with on clean skin, Nutrify & Protect, his daily moisturizer and Heal & Soothe, a night cream. Also, this week marks the debut of his newest product, Nourish at Barney’s New York’s Manhattan store, where he will be Thursday evening for a champagne event with some special guests (hint–they are “angels”). It is a gentle eye cream to work with his complete skin care line.

So, this three step-treatment that exfoliates, cleanses and tones the skin is now on my monthly “to-do” list. It is painless, can be done in under 30 minutes and his staff is beyond pleasant. Beracah was amazing in that she talked me through the whole process, step by step. The Triad is gentle, yet I felt and saw a difference and had NO redness. Word on the beauty street is that this procedure is already on order for the upcoming Oscar and Grammy seasons…

Colbert is a very specialized practitioner and from spending time with him, I can say he is genuine. He talked me through his various procedures, plans surrounding his Foundation, and what he really does to prevent and treat any skin woes, as well as maintain healthy and balanced skin. He is also a trained and professional dancer (he studied at the Joffrey Ballet but stopped to attend medical school) and infuses a healthy lifestyle into his patient care. His newest book, The High School Reunion Diet is a fun read and personifies him, I think: funny, direct and effective.

Thank you Dr. C, for making my facial a fun and hassle-free event!

Doctor's Order's : Dr. David Colbert's Nourish Eye Cream.

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