to the edge of the world

Last week I had the opportunity to visit the good people at Symrise. Meeting a chemist is always fun, particularly one that focuses on scents and dissects them for a living, I think. So naturally, I signed up to learn of a recent research trip Symrise had completed to Tasmania. That’s right, Tasmania. What they brought back was worth the multi-leg long-haul journey to the so-called “end of the world.”

Symrise is quite literally, all around us. It’s a global firm with some very talented professionals of various backgrounds working together to bring you the ideas, the flavors, the scents and more of what we use on  a day-to-day basis. Your favorite fragrance, body lotion or detergent has probably been dissected or even created by them at some stage of the development process.

On the hunt for “the cleanest scent”, Karen Solari, VP of Home Care Marketing and Scent at Symrise explained the journey as such: “Based on the results of a recent consumer study, we wanted to concentrate on the concept of purity. That’s why we decided to make the place with the purest air our destination for this expedition. The rainforest, on the other hand, allowed us to experience a plant and scent environment unlike any other, providing us with new horizons for fragrance creation.”

So they traveled to Tasmania, that very far away land that is apparently the cleanest place on earth. How clean? The air is so fresh, that when the wind blew, one was able to smell the subtle scent of a lip balm that had been applied hours earlier.

The Edge Of The World, Tasmania.

Team Symrise captured a fascinating range of scents…from a sweet pear to Pink Leatherwood. The scent loot spanned mint, pears, pine and even the pure, clean, Tasmania air. The most fascinating one was most simple: the cleanest air on earth. “The scent of everything, yet nothing,” Symrise explains. Myself and a dozen other reporters were lucky to get first “sniff” of more than a dozen of the captured scents that are certain to be coming to a product near you. That new designer eau de parfum on counters this fall? Chances are Symrise concocted it just for you, and with scents from Tasmania, too.

It was fascinating to watch and listen to team Symrise as they reflected on their trip and work on the ground in Tasmania. Stay tuned, because if what I experienced was a sign of scents to come, there are going to be some super-smelling products hitting the market soon.

Nature, at its cleanest, in Tasmania.

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