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Sandal season is here. For some it arrived early, and some are still holding out for the official summer season to kick off. At New York City’s Haven Spa in SoHo, the time is now to treat your feet and get them pedi perfect for summer.

Haven Spa or “Haven SoHo” as many in the know refer to it by, is unique not just for its location and size in lower Manhattan, but also for its selection of niche brands that you won’t find at your local Duane Reade. Haven is also one of a few speciality spas carrying a wide range of Zoya polishes, the brand loved by designers worldwide.

Inside Haven Spa, SoHo, New York City.

This season, team Haven has taken their signature pedicure treatments up a luxurious notch with the Pediterreanean. No typos there, dear readers. Pedi-terreanean. Paying homage to Italian summers and the scents of Sicily, the new seasonal pedicure is what you will book in multiples this summer. A foot bath with scented oils, rich shea butter used during a deep massage and a summer cocktail await you during this treatment, which is complimented exclusively with Docle & Gabbana The Makeup nail color from its summer collection (inspired by the Mediterranean and its joie de vivre).  It’s more than a pedi, it’s an experience.

Prepping for the Pediterranean at Haven Spa, SoHo, New York.

Haven SoHo Spa Director Marcy Parco explained to me the spa often offers themed treatments to coincide with the moods of seasons and this summer would be no different. The Pediterreanean has been booking quickly, Parco tells me, with clients booking it bi-weekly throughout the summer months.

Pretty feet doesn’t always mean healthy feet. On a recent visit to New York Dermatology Group, I caught up with Dr. David Colbert, Founder and head of the Group, as well as the brains behind ColbertMD, a nutritional skincare line that is now retailing globally.

According to Dr. Colbert, foot care is a must, not a luxury. It is important to treat your feet during the summer months, but just as important to treat them all year round, Dr. Colbert explained. “Your feet carry the weight of your whole body; it is just as important to take care of them, as any other part of your body. Most people are bothered by rough patches located on the heels, sides of feet and below toes. The best solution is to use a mechanical and chemical exfoliant, that work by scraping off the unwanted rough patches and to dissolve the thick skin that has accumulated.”

As with our eyes, the feet don’t lie. My latest indulgence is the Medicure Pedicure, (exclusively at New York Dermatology Group) which is essentially a facial for the feet. Suitable for males and females, and a great maintenance procedure in keeping foot clean and healthy, Dr. Colbert suggests this treatment monthly, as well as sun protection and proper footwear. Easier said than done, but well worth the investments!

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