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Following our exclusive interview on Irish skincare brand VOYA Beauty, our feature continues. Mark and Kira Walton are raising VOYA’s profile and educating consumers across some of the top spas and health centers around the world, while staying true to the brand’s founding principles. Sustainability is the family’s blood and the couple goes to great lengths to stay on an eco-friendly course. This summer, we’re playing with Totally Balmy, a rich and gentle cleanser and Maskerade, an Ayla Beauty favorite and “overachieving” anti-ageing hydrating mask, respectively.

VOYA Beauty's Totally Balmy and Maskerade.

VOYA Beauty’s Totally Balmy and Maskerade.

As told by Mark and Kira Walton July, 2013.

How does sustainability fit into VOYA Beauty’s brand and product offering?

The Walton family hand-harvests wild seaweed under special license using sustainable harvesting practices, which simply means only a portion of the seaweed is removed and there is no impact on the environment. By removing only a portion of the seaweed, it is able to grow back to full size within 8 months. VOYA Beauty does not use conventional mechanical methods which destroy seaweed beds and prevent the seaweed from re-growing. Also, true hand-harvesting ensures limited impact on the delicate aquatic nursery beds that seaweed provides to nearly all marine life. The seaweed is hand harvested and processed within two hours so that the maximum amount of vitamins, minerals and proteins are locked inside nature’s most powerful anti-oxidant.

VOYA believes in organic and sustainable ways of doing business and would not compromise on this. We voluntarily submit our products to be organically certified and all VOYA products contain as much organic ingredients as possible (minimum 70%) and are made without mineral oils, GM ingredients or synthetic colours, fragrances and preservatives. VOYA products are also carefully packaged using recycled, recyclable or biodegradable materials and we are strictly opposed to the practice of animal testing in cosmetics research.

How does VOYA distinguish itself from the dozens of other organic lines on the market today? 

There are currently no laws to guarantee that health and beauty care products labelled as organic are indeed, organic. European Union organic certifications only cover farming and food production. VOYA Beauty has sought (and is continually seeking) organic certification for all of their products. This means when you buy VOYA Beauty health or beauty products or have a VOYA therapy, you can be sure that it has been independently verified as organic. VOYA’s wild hand-harvested seaweed and products are organic certified by The Soil Association and Irish Organic Farmers and Growers Association. In addition, every beauty product that contains water has a preservative in it. Conventional natural products use strong oils which preserve the product, but are pungent and can be irritating. We use a step process to naturally preserve our products. This simply means instead of putting in one or two potent synthetic preservatives we use a combination of natural preservatives to achieve the same effect. For example the first and largest natural preservative used in VOYA’s Softly Does It Body Moisturizer is aloe.

How does VOYA relate lifestyle to beauty? 

VOYA believes that you should love yourself, so we will not help you pollute yourself! We work hard to provide the world with a brand that helps you maximize your natural beauty in the least invasive way. Our products and therapies do not contain any artificial colors, fragrances, GM ingredients, dioxins (carcinogenic), petrolatum or petrochemicals (derived from petroleum),  mineral oil (which are known to be quite toxic) parabens–a chemical preservative, animal derivatives or other nasty and harmful additives.


Mark Walton, CEO of VOYA Beauty, harvesting seaweed on the shores of Ireland.




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